In the World of Meeting Planners is Happiness at your Job Important?

Most meeting planners I know love their job, me included. And statically we are not alone. A 2013 US News & World report indicated that convention, event and meeting planner was selected as one of the best 100 jobs. And in that same report planners ranked 14th on the list of best business jobs, for several reasons including; job satisfaction and security and job growth and salary. In that same report it also acknowledged that meeting planners have elevated stress levels. And that is not surprising what with the long hours, heavy workloads and tremendous expectations on the rise, so are work related stress levels.

Looking for Happiness in the World of Meeting Planners

Reports and feedback confirms that in general over 80% of the workforce dislike their jobs. And with a negative mind-set like that will in the long run influence one’s personal life as well as their work output and have an impact on other employees. If you are one that is likely to; moan and groan about your job, give yourself a pump up session before you leave the house, feel Sunday nights are a black hole and you drive really, really slowly to work, to name only a few then you are likely unhappy at your job.

So the question on hand; is happiness at your job important? I guess that’s sort of a rhetorical question because who doesn’t want to be happy at work?

The Life of Meeting Planners – Work, Work, Work!

With all the time and energy required to accomplish their job, meeting planners are expected to be all things to all people. And at the same time are required to be creative, detail oriented, excellent with time management, communication and have the ability to think fast, handle extreme stress and manage all the craziness that comes with the job, it’s not surprising the thought of happiness isn’t top of the list. When asked; what are important features that keep the job interesting and therefore less boring and help to enhance ones happiness; meetings planners say the challenge, creativity, interaction with others and the fact that no two days are alike as being up there when it comes to job satisfaction.

For meeting planners attempting to define happiness really is like finding two identical snowflakes, impossible, right. Of course happiness is around but it is downright near impossible to quantify. Some say the real measurement of happiness can be found by calculating ones individual successes. And the best way to gauge individual success is all about others and helping them find happiness. Helping to make others happy is the best expression of success, and really how can you invest that energy in others if you are not happy yourself. Like that old saying goes it is better to give then to receive. And the proof is definitely  in the pudding, if we all make small changes in our personal and work life to make room to help others, before you know, we will all see an increase in our own happiness.

The Time You Have in Jelly Beans

I came across this really cool video that got me thinking about life and how important happiness is to us all no matter the job or career. I am forever saying life is short even when it’s long. Very true words that we are witness to every day of life. Whatever the age or job there is not one single person that will say take me now I’m ready. So have a look and enjoy this very cool video with thanks to the awesome Ze Frank.

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