Ideas for Teenage Birthday Parties – Pool Party

With summer just around the corner it’s just about time to put some thought into birthday party fun in the sun. And for all those parents looking for ideas for teenage birthday parties to plan your teenager’s summer birthday look no further! Because if you have a pool (or access) to one then throwing a pretty hip birthday party is as easy as 1-2-3. And on one of those fabulous hot summer days, throwing a pool party will result in you being on the road to being one of the coolest parents around. So if you’re looking to amuse and entertain then throw on some sun screen and let the planning begin.

Ideas for Teenage Birthday Parties – Splish Splash!

Throwing a warm weather pool party birthday bash is a perfect way to celebrate with kids but really is considered a huge (huge!) hit by adults and teens alike. It goes without saying, most teenagers love a party. And with a pool party, you take care of those two proverbial “birds with one stone”; a party with a built in theme, bonus. A pool party is all about having fun, relaxing and splashing around. If you do decide to go the route of theming a pool party it is important to remember that with teenagers and themes, less truly is more.

Ideas for Teenage Birthday Parties – Invitations, Food, Activities, Oh My!

There really are so many great pool party invitations ideas available, both purchased and homemade. So if you are the creative type and are into making the invites consider some of these swimming pool party invitation ideas. Try the always favorite beach ball invitation, just write out all the party details on an inflated beach ball, then deflate the beach ball and hand deliver or mail it off (with a note to blow up the ball and read on). Exactly the same can be done with a Frisbee, bottle of sun screen, inexpensive sunglasses, flip flops or some other similar pool party item. Or find some pool party clip art (raft, sunglasses, swimming pool, the sun, flip flops, a towel, swimming shorts, a tropical flower or any pool related thing) and outline the party details and then send it off.

At any party, food glorious food is an important part of the festivities. No need for a sit down sort of event here. Appetizers, munchies and finger foods are ideal and popular for the pool party scenario. Set up a buffet where the guests can help themselves to what they want and like. A pool party is a more active and lively type of party so most like to keep the food fare light, but really anything will do. You can easily plan a menu of great options and include lots (and lots and lots) of beverages. For the food there is much that will fit the bill; hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, fruit, chips and dip, salsa and tortilla chips, cookies and again, the list is endless. The guests will be active and need hydrating so be sure to have loads of bottled water, juices, lemonade and ice tea on hand and soft drinks, teenagers love, love soft drinks.

When it comes to teenagers and parties, planned activities are not always needed. But with pool parties, planning some activities will promote entertainment and fun. First and foremost, to ensure the party is as amusing, entertaining and fun as possible for all, have on hand loads of pool toys; beach balls, pool rafts, mats and floats, water guns, noodles, water balloons and water sticks. Consider putting up a net and playing some pool volley ball. Depending on the teenagers and their interests, there are lots of activities that can be played. And party music is a must! Be sure to have some warm weather beach and up beat music playing. Not only will it get the teens grooving, it will inspire pool party fun and who knows what else.

Ideas for Teenage Birthday Parties – A Thing or Two More….

A couple of more things to remember when planning that super special pool party.

  • When sending out the party invitations remind everyone to bring their swimsuit as well as a towel. But be sure to have lots of extra towels and sun screen around for those who may have forgotten and need it.
  • No worries about party decorations the pool itself really is the decoration. Be sure to have lots of pool chairs available for everyone to take a load off.
  • Safety comes first, always! Set, review and display the rules at all times.
  • Teenagers are so not interested in adults or being supervised but it is so imperative to keep an eye out. It’s a fact teens want their space but when it comes to pools and pool parties, supervision is the name of the game.

Oh the fun that awaits… who doesn’t love a pool party? Pool parties are one of the most enjoyable and greatest ways to spend time with friends and family. When it comes to celebrating, enjoying delicious food and having some plain old fun and joy, a pool party is second to none.

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