How to Make a Diaper Cake

The birth of a child is an exciting time. For parents, especially first parents, the news of a pregnancy is often accompanied not only with joy but with stress. From wondering how to take care of a new child to pay for everything needed, much goes into preparing and planning as the birth of a baby approaches. One of the best ways to help prepare new parents for the birth of a child is through a baby shower. These can be fun for everyone involved as those who attend the baby shower can bring gifts and provide a soon-to-be parent with parental advice, such as how to make a diaper cake for such an occasion.

While there is a number of items a new parent needs, diapers remain one of the most crucial. Babies go through diapers quickly, so parents are on the constant quest for buying new diapers. This is a quick and added expense as well. Due to this, one of the best gifts someone can give a new parent, especially if they are not sure what everyone else has purchased as gifts, are diapers.

Of course, simply handing over a box of diapers isn’t all that exciting. That is where the diaper cake comes in. A diaper cake is designed to look like a wedding cake, but instead of being made out of cake it is made from diapers. This makes it both fun to make and exciting for the new parent. So, for anyone who is looking to plan a baby shower or wants to have fun making a gift for the expectant parents, learning how to make a diaper cake is an excellent and simple activity

What Is a Diaper Cake?

What Is a Diaper Cake?

A diaper cake is made to look just like a wedding cake. It has different levels of tiers, so it is more than just a small, one level cake. However, instead of being made from batter or anything edible, it is made from diapers. The diapers are removed from a box, rolled, folded and put together to create something that looks like a cake but is made out of diapers.

If you’re looking to have fun with the gift, you offer the expectant parents; you should learn how to make a diaper cake. It can also be fun if you are putting on the party. Other guests will enjoy the diaper cake, and it will look good around the actual edible snacks and goodies served at the baby shower. So, for anyone who is looking to be a bit crafty with their presentation or with what they give the parents, you need to learn how to make a diaper cake.

Why Make a Diaper Cake?

There is a number of different reasons why you should learn how to make a diaper cake. For starters, a parent will need a large supply of diapers. There’s no such thing as having too many diapers when it comes to a new baby. However, giving a box of diapers isn’t all that exciting. Yes, the diapers will be used all the same, but maybe you want to have a bit of fun with it and help present the diapers in a different way. One option for this is to learn how to make a diaper cake.

This is made even better if you are putting on the baby shower. By making the diaper cake, you can spend time on the display and put it on the gift table, on the table next to the food and snacks, or position different diaper cakes around the room and home where the party is taking place. In reality, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make a diaper cake for such an event. After all, you’ll have fun making the cake.

How to Make a Diaper Cake Designed to Impress

It isn’t all that difficult to make a diaper cake. Once you know how to make a diaper cake, it will be relatively straightforward and, from there, you’ll be able to customize it and alter the way you make it, so it better fits the theme. This way, you can make it as elaborate or as simple as you want.

What You’ll Need

There are basic items you’ll need to make a beautiful diaper cake. You can always add and expand on the item list, but to make this particular diaper cake you’ll need:

  • 92 diapers (typically size one)
  • Decorate ribbon
  • Rubber bands of varying sizes
  • 12-inch cake circle
  • Glue gun
  • Baby bottle, baby lotion, or paper towel
  • 1 or 2 skewer sticks or chopsticks
  • Decorative items (can be anything from stuffed animals to fake flowers)

Making the Diaper Cake

To begin, take out the diapers from the box. You’ll want to roll the diapers, beginning at the waistline. Roll the diapers to maintain the shape but do not make the diapers too tight. Take a rubber band and wrap it around the diaper to hold it into place.

For this design, you’ll need only 52 of the diapers to be rolled. The other 40 will be used to lay on top of the cake.

Step 1

Place the 12-inch cake circle on a flat surface. Now, position the bottle of lotion or the baby bottle right in the middle. It’s easier if you use something that is perfectly circular in order to maintain easily the shape of the circle, but the diaper rolls can be adjusted in order to fit the circular design of the diaper cake.

Step 2

Now, position the diapers around the bottle (or whatever you have in the middle of the cake). To help keep everything straight, tight and flush use a rubber band and build around it. Continue to build out with the rolled up diapers. As you come closer to the edge of the cake circle, you’ll want to smooth out the edge, so you don’t have individual pillars running up and down in the form of the diaper rolls. To do this, take the flat diapers and tuck them into the rubber band. Place the next diaper under the first so that one end of the diaper is always under the diaper in front of it and the opposite end of the diaper is always on top.

Step 3

When you have filled up the entire 12-inch cake circle, wrap it with decorative ribbon and tape it tight. This will hold the circle in place. Feel free to have fun with the decorative ribbon.

Step 4

Now, make the second tier of the cake. You can make this the same way you did as the first. However, don’t use the flat diapers along the outside edges. This way, the second tier is not as wide as the first tier.

Step 5

For the third tier, take 25 diapers. Set one flat on the table, then take the next one and lay it on top, so just a small amount of the bottom diaper is showing. Continue this with all 25 diapers (it will look like 25 diaper steps when it’s done). Now, taking a firm hold of the 25 diapers, spin the diapers as if you’re rolling the diapers in on itself. It will look like a pinwheel as you do this. When you have it formed in on itself, it will form a circle. Have the rubber band on hand to secure it for the time being. Now, take the decorative ribbon and wrap it around the diapers. This will complete the third tier for your diaper cake.

Step 6

Now, you need to stack the three tiers. With each tier being so light it would easily knock over or fall apart. This is where the skewer sticks or chopsticks come into play. Insert the first stick into the top of the first diaper tier, so it sticks out halfway. Now, slide the second tier over it. With the second tier in place, take the second chopstick or skewer stick and do the same. You’ll now be able to insert the third tier to complete the diaper cake.

If you want to add any extra touches, such as a stuffed animal on top or decorative flowers around the cake, you can do exactly that. If you need to move the cake though you’ll be better off adding these items after you have arrived


When you learn how to make a diaper cake, you’ll have this knowledge for life. This way, as more and more of your friends have children and more baby showers are put on, you’ll be able to make a different diaper cake for every single one of these events. On top of this, you’ll be able to build on what you learn and make it your own.

There is no one way to make a diaper cake. You can take the instructions here, alter the colors or shift the number of tiers you place on the cake. With so many ways to create such a beautiful looking display, you’ll have everything you need to have fun. And best of all, the soon-to-be parent will not only love the display, but they will be thankful for having the additional diapers they can use for when the child arrives. 

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