So you have found that you’re good at planning parties for your friends. So much so that you’re the “go to person” whenever anyone in your circle is planning a party or event.  Have you considered taking your love of party planning and translating that into a dream job? If so then you might just be a great candidate for event and party planning.

But where do you find the event and party planning jobs? The answer may not be as difficult as you think.

Consider Applying for Party Planning Jobs at Places Where You Have Purchased Party Planning Supplies

A great place to start looking for event or party planning jobs are party supply stores or decor companies. A lot of these positions are considered retail so they may not be looking for experienced party planners.  Rather they may be looking for somebody with enthusiasm and someone that’ll be great with customers. Consider these stores as a great way to get introduced to the requirements of the job and to get training for later in your career.

Destination management companies, or DMC’s as they are commonly referred to, are also companies that would utilize party planning. For DMC’s I would suggest that you contact your local convention and visitors bureau for list of DMC’s in your local area. Look for ones that have a few staff members (a lot of DMC’s are home based business and may not have the capacity to hire you full item).

Nightclubs, attractions, popular restaurants and major venues (such as museums) are also areas that would hire event and party planners. Most of these suppliers have event planning departments that handle group requests. These organizations are an excellent way to learn about party planning as they have very established guidelines for executing group events.

If party and event planning is a major passion then finding a party planning job isn’t too difficult to initiate. Just be aware that you will most likely have to start in an entry level position. But if it truly is a passion then you shouldn’t be bothered by working your way up the ladder. After all in order to become a great party planner you really do have to learn all the ropes. Party and event planning jobs come in all shapes and sizes ranging from retail stores, event planning companies and destination management companies to nightclub, restaurants and attractions – all of which hire in-house staff to organize and execute events and parties.

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