How To Get The Most Out Of Your Promo Bags At Your Next Event

Promo bags can be a great way to raise your brand awareness and really increase the ROI of your next event. In order for those promo bags to have that great impact, however, they will need to be produced at a high quality. You don’t want to lose the opportunity by getting your bags the day before your event and the tag line has a spelling error or the logo is printed incorrectly.

3 Things To Include In Your Promo Bag Printing

When you are getting your promo bags designed for your next event, you want to make sure they are going to be worth the investment and give  your brand the opportunity to bring in new customers. Just giving away bags at your tradeshow booth or corporate meeting won’t give you the impact on your bottom line that you’re looking for. You need to incorporate your company with your giveaway and here are the 3 things to help.

1) Your Logo

It might seem obvious to need your logo on your promo products, but it can be one of those obvious items that gets accidentally overlooked. If you are getting a lot of text printed for some reason (maybe the event info as a keepsake?), it’s possible to focus too much on that extra content instead of what’s really important, and that”s associating your brand with the product during future use.

2) Your Tagline

Your tagline, positioning statement, value proposition, unique selling proposition, whatever you want to call the 7-second pitch for your business, should also be incorporated into your promotional bags. One of the great benefits to using a bag as your promotional products is that you are essentially turning that person into a billboard for your brand. If someone sees that bag while they are out and about or in another scenario where your logo may not be immediately recognizable, you want them to quickly be able to know who you are and what you do. Try to keep it to one sentence.

This is who we are, what we do and why it benefits you. Check Impact Brand’s list of 10 Value Propositions You Wish You Had for good examples of short and sweet lines that describe great businesses.

3) A Call To Action Destination

Without putting a Call To Action on your promo bag, you’re just leaving people intrigued with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Someone sees someone carrying this beautiful bag in front of them at the coffee shop, they read the tagline and think “wow, that’s exactly the company I need to talk to to solve my problem” and then, they don’t know what to do and by the time they get their coffee, they forget about you. Maybe they go to the office and try to remember your tagline and Google a little bit and give up, or worse, end up finding a competitor.

By printing your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or some destination that a visitor can reach you, you are giving them their next step and instructions on how to follow through. Now while they are waiting for that cup of coffee, they can go right to your website on their phone and learn more about you (your website is optimized for mobile visitors, right?), and if all goes according to plan, pay you for your services.

Have You Used Promo Bags At Your Event Yet?

What has been your experience with using bags as promotional giveaways? Have you used them at  tradeshow booths or a corporate event?

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