How to Get Actionable Information from Post Event Surveys

The event has ended. Now it’s time to determine the event’s overall success. Where do you begin? Nowadays it’s quite common to receive customer satisfaction survey questions about your experience with a company after you’ve purchased a product or service. Most companies are interested in getting your feedback about your experience. In other words, they want to know how they’re performing and whether or not changes, or improvements, are needed. And there is no better barometer to measure a customer experience than to go directly to the source. The same holds true for events. A planner, or organizer, will never truly know if an event was a success, or not, unless he or she reaches out directly to the attendees.

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Post Event Surveys – Good Survey Questions Are Key

Post event surveys should be designed/structured so that the results provide valuable information that can be used for planning future, successful, events.

MasterTheEvent reached out to Sarah Cho, Survey Research Scientist at SurveyMonkey. We asked Sarah to explain what is the best way to structure a survey to get the ultimate results. Sarah told us that “if there is one thing to remember when writing surveys, it’s to begin with a strong goal. Begin by asking yourself ‘what types of decisions do I want to make with my survey data?’”.

The Best Way to Utilize Post Event Surveys

Per Sarah: “Once you have a clear goal, ensure every step of the survey maps back to it. This will help you understand the questions you truly need to ask versus the questions that might just lead to interesting information that’s not actionable. Also, designing a survey around one central goal results in a brief survey for the respondents, and a simpler analyzing process for the creator.”.

Check out SurveyMonkey sample survey questions, with templates available for many industries, that will help you determine your event survey’s goals.

When designing post event surveys it’s important to have a clear goal. Keep your survey questions brief and you’ll increase the number of responses.

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