The hospitality industry was never my first thought when it came time to look for work all those years ago. But I couldn’t be happier with the way things panned out. Don’t we all dream about graduation day and embarking on the road to finding that just right job. Recently I read an article that stated the seven top jobs ten years from now haven’t even been created yet. So try and wrap your brain around that. So it got me thinking about some of the more offbeat jobs available, especially in the hospitality industry. And I was totally surprised by what I found; a wide range of uniquely unusual jobs right here in our industry. Some look and seem like they are the bees’ knees while others were a bit … surprising.

Hospitality Industry Jobs – Fact!

What the over 7.5 million hospitality industry related jobs in the US means is there’s a great deal of sales managers, bellmen, event coordinators on duty, as well as some of the most out of the world positions. And more often than not unique and unusual definitely beats sitting behind a desk. Really it’s a win-win situation helping a property to establish a one of a kind reputation and following while at the same time entertaining and engaging guests.

Nine Unique Hospitality Industry Jobs

Proposal Coach – The Stowe Mountain Lodge, one of my favorite properties in Stowe, Vermont has in-house Proposal Coaches, what is this you ask. They help potential grooms come up with and execute customized and romantic marriage proposals. They do it all in the name of love and marriage.

Tequila Butler – The Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain located just outside of Tucson and this may be my most favorite job, has an official Tequila Butler. You’ll find him by the pool with tequila tasters and creations sharing his wealth of tequila and knowledge.

Duck Master – The Peabody in Memphis’s Duck Master continues to execute an 80 year tradition by strutting The Peabody’s gang of ducks through the lobby area, twice a day. In addition the duck master is in charge of the ducks including their upkeep, training, nourishment and yes security.

Fish Valet – The Fairmont Vancouver Airport is home to a Fish Valet, in charge of the 575 cubic foot freezer and assisting guests after enjoying local BC fishing camps, with their salmon catches. In addition, he is also responsible for overseeing the properties ”Biggest Catch” annual contest.

Beach Tanning Butler – The Ritz Carlton South Beach in sunny Miami, Florida offers hotel guests assistance when it comes to enjoying the sunshine. The Beach Tanning Butler tours the pool area and beach and provides guest assistance with sunscreen, lotion, a mist of cool water and he will even clean your sunglasses, unheard of but a welcomed perk.

Gucamologist – At the Ritz Carlton, Dallas they take guacamole and all its deliciousness seriously. To ensure guests understand the nuances and features of this scrumptious delight the resident Gucamologist shares his knowledge and know-how everyday with hotel guests. By providing lobby demonstrations filled with fun and spotlighting what it takes to make great guacamole.

Coin Washer – The Westin St. Francis in San Francisco has an in-house Coin Washer. Why you ask? Back in the 30’s the hotel GM noted that ladies soiled their white gloves when paying for lunch. So in an effort to keep those gloves clean and ladies happy, the hotel started washing all of its coins. And to this day the hotel has continued this unique service.

Maitre d’formage – The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland employs a permanent Cheese Specialist in their Old Hickory Steakhouse, who is responsible for masterminding their inventory of cheeses. She acquires cheese, oversees the maturing process, shares her knowledge and dishes up this yummy delight for guests to enjoy.

Mud Manager – Dr. Wilkinson”s Hot Springs Resort in Calistoga, California employs a Mud Manager responsible for gathering and cleaning the volcanic ash and then blending it with Canadian peat and mineralized hot springs water to create an irreplaceable mud treatment. The mud manager is in charge of the upkeep of the mud baths as well.

And those hospitality industry related jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s not forget about the sunglasses doctor, dog surfing instructor, pigeon chaser, sleep concierge, chocolate consultant, human bed warmer and chief beer officer to name just a few. It really is all in a day’s work when it comes to any hospitality industry jobs. And while sometimes the job can create a scene it really is all about providing the best possible service for guests. So next time you’re looking for work in the hospitality industry, keep an open mind.

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