Get ready for Hello Kitty Party Ideas! The other day I was with a group of young girls and the entire afternoon was spent talking about their likes and dislikes when it comes to birthday parties. It was all about the parties, themes, activities, food and fun, an entire afternoon of birthday party speak. And when it came down to it, the majority of the girls were all over the moon for one specific theme. A theme they couldn’t stop talking about, the one they loved the most over and over was…drum roll please…it was all about Hello Kitty and a Hello Kitty Birthday Party  all the time. So with this not so professional market research experience, the majority of “my” girls stated this is the year for them and they won’t take no for an answer. Sorry moms, it’s the year of the Hello Kitty themed birthday party.

Who doesn’t love to plan a party…especially a younger girl’s party with a great theme? And really, who doesn’t love a  Hello Kitty birthday party. Everywhere you turn you catch a glimpse of something Hello Kitty, her papa, mama, grandpa, grandma and even her twin sister Mimi. Who knew Hello Kitty came from such a big happy family? And who knew we’d all, kids and adults alike, fall in love with them.

Hello Kitty Party Ideas – Right This Way!

Hello Kitty birthday parties are one of the most popular and kid requested parties around. Hello Kitty parties are filled with so much joy and there really is so much available to help and they are such fun to plan as well as host. Rumor has it that Hello Kitty loves a party, loves her friends, and loves to combine them both for a whole lot of good times. So with a bit of imagination and a splash of fun, here are some Hello Kitty birthday party  ideas to help you create an exciting and glee filled birthday party for your special one and all her friends.

 Hello Kitty Party Ideas – The Invitation

A great way to create the anticipation for a birthday party is by way of the invitation. An easy way to create an Hello Kitty birthday party invitations  is to print off a picture of Hello Kitty and use some construction paper and glitter to complete it. Or print off only the outline of the Hello Kitty head and glue it on some construction paper, then all you need to do is write out the party info and viola, you have an Hello Kitty birthday invitation. What about a cut out of a pink bow (Hello Kitty’s favorite) and use that to outline the party facts. Another fun and creative way to make an invitation is to take a picture of the birthday girl with her most favorite Hello Kitty doll, then glue the picture on some card stock, add the party details and mission accomplished. Don’t forget to include the birthday girl in the invitation creation, her touch will add the specialness needed. If you feel you are not the creative type, there are so many of Hello Kitty party invitations that can be bought or downloaded.

Hello Kitty Party Ideas – The Decorations

When thinking Hello Kitty birthday party decorations, there is no shortage of items you probably already have around that you can pull from to design the purrfect Hello Kitty birthday party. Go ahead and hang some Hello Kitty posters and pictures on the walls and place a Hello Kitty doll in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. Use traditional Hello Kitty colors, black, pink and white, and hang classic hello kitty party decorations including balloons, streamers, banners and ribbons. Add some signs with Hello Kitty sayings like Café Cinnamon. Sprinkle party confetti, pink sequins and the like on the tables to create the mood. One Mom used pink candies, pink M&M’s as well as pink lollipops scattered around the room adding a little sweet extra to the birthday party. For a more tailored look make and/or purchase Hello Kitty  party supplies including banners and decorations as well as Hello Kitty napkins, paper plates and cups and party hats. There really is a ton of Hello Kitty birthday party supplies available to help.

Hello Kitty Party Ideas – The Food

Of course, I ask you, what’s a Hello Kitty birthday party without some Hello Kitty kibble. This is the perfect opportunity to put to good use all your creativity and Hello Kitty knowledge. Why not make some pink macaroni and cheese or mini hotdogs, use a Hello Kitty, flower, cat or even flower cookie cutter and make Hello Kitty sandwiches. What about pink watermelon balls or slices and red strawberries, foods that are Hello Kitty’s most favorite colors. And as any fan knows, Hello Kitty’s favorite food is apple pie and since Hello Kitty is British, fish and chips may fit the bill. And pink lemonade is the perfect thirst quencher for all the obvious reasons.

It wouldn’t be a Hello Kitty birthday party without cake. There’s no other choice, no Hello Kitty party would be complete without a Hello Kitty themed cake (or cupcakes) served with a little strawberry ice cream on the side. What could be better?!

Hello Kitty Party Ideas – So Many Activities, Not Enough Time!

So let the kitty in you out with some of these awesome Hello Kitty birthday party games and activities. First and foremost, take a stab at Pin the Bow on the Hello Kitty, an easy to make (or order) activity. Hello Kitty face painting, depending on the age range, is an enjoyable and interactive bit of fun. Put together a classic Hello Kitty trivia game including questions about her favorite color, her height, full name and test the guests’ knowledge. And like Name that Tune, Name that Cat tests their cat knowledge with photos of famous cats. You can simply take some of the more popular birthday party games and customize them to the Hello Kitty party theme.

Hosting any type of birthday party can be filled with lots of fun and a Hello Kitty birthday party is no different. I guarantee you the festivity will be an enormous success not only for the birthday girl but all her friends as well. So go ahead and jump in and create some of the best memories that are sure to last forever.

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