Have you had a Vacation this Year?

These days anyone you talk with will tell you that taking a vacation is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. And I for one used to scoff at that notion. Though I am a big champion of quality work along with a balanced lifestyle is the way to go, but it took me what seemed like eons to come to understand what that really means. There are several findings that say taking a vacation from work is not only beneficial for one’s health and happiness but one’s creativeness and effectiveness as well. Having said that, it’s funny that in the United States and Canada the majority of us only get about two weeks paid vacation and for a myriad of reasons most of us don’t even take that.

A Successful Career Includes an Annual Vacation

I’m not sure why we feel we’re not worthy of vacation time. Many believe that their career is number one and everything else should fall behind. And sadly it seems we are hesitate to take our deserved time off, even when it’s part of our employment package, for so many reasons. Starting with; it can cast a negative shadow with the powers that be. As someone who has been both an employee and an employer I have to say that is totally ridiculous. I used to be one of those employees that was all about work, work, work with no time for a vacation and over the years what I have come to understand is that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Why Taking a Vacation from Work is So Important

I’m just back from some vacation time off and in a word it was glorious. Yes the week prior to my vacation I stressed myself out wondering if I would, in fact get everything accomplished in time. But I was also worn-out and just plain old tired and ready for some R and R. And it has been proven that when you take a work free vacation, not checking or addressing voicemails and emails, you come back more energized, perform better, have increased focus and overall your health is enhanced. You’d think as my glorious vacation was nearing an end that depression would start creeping in. But really this time depression was nowhere in sight, when Tuesday arrived I felt more revitalized and ready to hit ground running. Even with the boatload of emails and a never ending to-do list that was waiting for me.

We all know it, vacations whether a staycation or a fabulous trip are important for the soul. By taking the time to recharge, revitalize and refresh provides us all with the opportunity to get a renewed outlook and fresh ideas.

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