Happy Thanksgiving (Hey, Wait a Minute, It’s Only October!)

Yep, you read that title correctly. Okay, maybe it should’ve read Happy Thanksgiving Canada. You see Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October each year. And for Thanksgiving 2013 it falls on Monday, October 14.

Why Is Canadian Thanksgiving Different Then American Thanksgiving?

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Thanksgiving? I know I know, it all has to do with the pilgrims arriving and sharing a wonderful harvest dinner with the natives. Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly how it unfolded.

You see, Canada used to celebrate Thanksgiving in November. So what made Canada lose its mind and start celebrating this holiday in October? Well, the clip video below will give you a great overview as to the origins of Canadian Thanksgiving (hint : when the Americans started Thanksgiving they didn’t want to get left behind…)

And What Do Canadians Think of American Thanksgiving?

Okay so now we know that America’s neighbor to the north, Canada, celebrates this same holiday in a different month.

So then what do Canadians think of American Thanksgiving? Well the video clip below sums it all up in one word… (Tongue-in-cheek of course).


Thanksgiving Party Planning Ideas

And for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, Kraft Canada has an excellent webpage devoted to the holiday. From recipes to full party planning ideas, Kraft Canada’s webpage is an ideal reference to help you plan the perfect get together.

While the two countries may celebrate Thanksgiving in different months, there is one common theme – to give thanks for the wonderful harvest and to appreciate all that is good in our lives.

Like Paul Harvey used to say; “now you know the rest of the story”.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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