Handling Event Planning Online Reviews

We’ve been event planning and hosting face-to-face meetings for a dog’s age and in dog lingo that’s a long time. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it takes a uniquely special person to conquer the role of planner. I of course am biased (extremely biased) when it comes to the event and meeting planning industry. I am one of the lucky ones that have been able to plan events, meetings and conferences for many years and make a living at it too.

Event, meeting and conference planners are responsible to organize and manage all parts of events, meetings and conferences. They are in charge and accountable for all the meeting specifics including site selection, meeting particulars, food & beverage, transportation, entertainment and really so much more. When not on site a planner spends an incredible amount of time at their desk, in the office, negotiating, formulating and planning and yes the hours can be crazy.

Handling Event Planning Online Reviews – New Year New Trend!

As we welcome each new year we welcome new trends and tools that help us to do our job in a better faster way. More than ever event and meeting planning pros are revealing their thoughts and ideas online via online review and blog writing. They not only are sharing their experiences, views and know-how but opinions, expertise and criticisms as well. And while this industry trend has quickly become the norm it has been said to have both positive and negative merits, all at the same time. Being on both sides of this coin what I have discovered when it comes to online blogging and reviewing it really does have everything to do with the writer’s perspective, experience and involvement.

Handling Event Planning Online Reviews – We”ve Come a Long Way!

Let’s face it; everyone is online in some way or another. Blogging and online reviews have become one of the more accepted methods to source out services, products and events. And it’s an effective way to reach and influence the masses and maybe just maybe create a head start over the competition. When it comes to a product or service for these reasons and really so many more it is imperative that from start to finish companies create and ensure a positive experience. If not you can forget about that head start. Any type of undesirable or damaging review and or blog can definitely hurt and impact a business for a many years.

We absolutely have come a long way, the online civilization is where communication is instantaneous and direct, accessible and unrestricted and is a place we all feel open to sharing what feels like everything. And yes it does magnify the good, the bad, the positive, the negative and everything else in between. And while it does increase recognition, understanding and create familiarity it can easily do just the opposite.

Handling Event Planning Online Reviews – Tips to Managing Negativity!

In this online world the ability to share and literally shout to the world opinions and criticisms makes for those on the receiving end’s first instinct to fight back and with every resource we have. But really this situation does beg for the question “What do we do when we receive negative reviews”?

Respond and Quickly – Be proactive and don’t put the blinders on, an online review is not going anywhere, simply said it can literally last a lifetime. When responding only make assurances and guarantees that you can meet.

Be Positive – Whenever possible take the opportunity to become knowledgeable and learn from the situation and tweak, enhance and enrich your business. And involve clients that already feel positive about your services by having happy clients write their own reviews, no strings attached. A great way to manage damaging reviews is loads and loads of great reviews.

Swap the Negative – Manage the impact of negative reviews by way of adding new content that can be picked up by all the various search engines. This helps to handle the general influence a negative review can provide. When someone is searching for info on your organization yes the negative review will be there as will an abundance of positive reviews and new content.

No person or business is perfect. And the facts are when it comes to business sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Reviews whether positive or negative are all about the perception of the author. And yes a negative review can last for years on line, but we all have the power to turn perception around. By bettering our business and continuing to provide good service, client care and in a nut shell successfully delivering on all business products, services and promises each and every time.

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