Halloween Party Planning (It’s Never too Late to Get Started)

Do you want to plan the spookiest best ever Halloween party? You know the kind that will be talked and talked about well after the lights go out. Does the thought of Halloween Party planning frighten you just a little?  No need to fear. Halloween really is all about the fun, excitement and merriment. What kid or adult isn’t thrilled when Halloween is just around the corner? And who amongst us doesn’t love a great Halloween Party? Yes planning a Halloween party from start to finish can be a daunting venture. But surely when it comes to Halloween, the sky is the limit.

I’m sure this won’t be a surprise to anyone that knows me. But full disclosure, I love Halloween. It really is my most favorite holiday. It started when I was just a kid; with an intense love of all things candy and grew from there. This year my excitement is totally amped up as the most magical holiday lands on the weekend. And all you ghost and goblins know what that means, it’s all about a party and Halloween party planning for me.

Countdown to Halloween Party Planning

Like Halloween, a Halloween party isn’t only about the kids. It’s a shindig that is enjoyed and loved by many an adult too. From guest lists to invites, decorations to entertainment, food to fun and everything else in between. With so many choices and decisions, what’s a witchy witch to do? First and foremost to get you on the road to planning your monster bash and scary fun use a checklist. What helps MAKE a Halloween party or any party for that matter is a … party checklist. And planning a Halloween party begs and I mean begs for a party checklist but a bit of a scary one.

Planning the Perfect Halloween Party

Sometimes it can seem that Halloween party planning is never as trouble-free and enjoyable as the party is. Here’s help getting started in making the most of your Halloween party fun this year:

Party Kick-Off – 3-4 Weeks from the Party
[ ] Choose the date, location and timing for your party
[ ] Pick the theme
[ ] Create the guest list
[ ] Send out invites

Set the Scene – 2-3 Weeks from the Party
[ ] Pull together your costume
[ ] Create, borrow and buy party decorations
[ ] Arrange activities and entertainment
[ ] Organize the menu

Getting Ready – Couple of Days to 1 Week Out
[ ] Reconfirm any bookings or special plans
[ ] Create the music playlist
[ ] Purchase food and beverage items
[ ] Decorate the space
[ ] Make food that can be prepared ahead of time
[ ] Pull party favors together

Party Day – Day of
[ ] Prepare perishable foods
[ ] Set up the Bar
[ ] Get ice

[ ] Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy

Planning a Halloween Party doesn’t have to be complicated. By using a party planning checklist and a bit of imagination and resourcefulness you and your guests are sure to have a spooktacular time. Happy Halloweenie Everyone!

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