What Does a Great Destination Management Company Look Like?

A good Destination Management Company (DMC) is like having access to an amazing collaborator, cohort and colleague all rolled into one. A DMC professional really is a planner’s best resource, a partner they can trust and rely on. I have found working with a DMC is having someone represent me and the company’s goals. Who is on exactly the same wave length and the core of their job is to make the meeting event soar. And they come to the table with a multitude of knowledge, resources and know-how. ADME (the Association of Destination Management Executives) describes a Destination Management Company as “a professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and full implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and programmes logistics.”

Some say a DMC costs additional monies a budget usually can’t support. But I would argue a DMC actually saves clients’ money and so much more. Sure if you did everything single thing yourself in comparison to hiring an outside company it will cost you less. But if you look at the big picture and take into consideration the real price tag of doing everything on your own and all that means. I have learned working with a DMC definitely can be a money saver.

Why Work with a Destination Management Company?

For a Destination Management Company it’s all about providing service, good service. From start to finish a DMC is there for their client 24/7. And with the days of unlimited budgets and long deadlines seemingly a thing of the past. A Destination Management Company comes on board to delivery locally based assistance and services. Dealing with everything that is involved with planning a meeting in a not so familiar locale, can be intimidating and just slightly nerve racking. Partnering with a DMC can help lessen the load in some areas while taking the meeting event to the next level in others.

When you choose to work with a DMC. You get ability, skills, sources, experience and locale contacts that will help find and execute the best of the best when it comes to suppliers for transportation, catering, decor, entertainment and the like.

Could I Skip Hiring a Destination Management Company?

If I had a dollar every time I was asked that question I’d be rich. Like with any industry there are companies that are not on board for exactly the right reasons. No matter the side you’re on, planner or supplier, we’ve all heard the horror stories. Having said that, a DMC bring a wealth of information and value to a meeting event. And more than that they know what works, they have handle on all the latest and greatest technology, what’s hot and what’s not locally and the right direction to take. They understand the city, hotels, restaurants, venues, local suppliers and what fits and will work.

How do I Find a Good Destination Management Company?

There are lots of easy ways to source a good Destination Management Company to work with. Speak with the local CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) or check with industry associations like PCMA, SITE, and MPI for recommendations. Hotel sales contacts are a great resource. And word of mouth helps. Ask industry friends and connections. I have hired a couple of DMCs based on endorsements from a meeting planner friend. And visit ADME where they are all about Destination Management Companies and you can access a list of DMC’s by location. No matter how you find a DMC always, always be sure to check references and ask questions before you make your selection.

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