Graduation Party Season is Here!

The first sign graduation party season is here was the telephone. My first call came from a long standing client friend looking for some graduation party planning help. The next call came from my sister in law looking for someone to take over her graduation party planning. When you’re not looking time does speed by. It’s hard to believe its graduation time already. Having said that, now is the time to do everything possible to plan a graduation party that won’t soon be forgotten.

For so many graduation is a badge of honor. A sign that we are growing up and moving on. Whether graduating from high school, college or somewhere else in between. After graduation the party is one of the most anticipated and fun experiences.

Graduation Party Planning, First Things First…a Budget

When it comes to planning a party any party. It takes a bit of elbow grease to create exactly that right celebration. But before you ask yourself those necessary party planning questions there’s a must do to realize first.

Establishing a budget is the number one thing to do before starting to plan your graduation party. If you don’t make a plan and create a budget the party expenses can skyrocket before you know it. Without that budget you can end up spending way too much. But do not fear spending oodles of cash does not automatically result in a spectacular party. To figure out a big picture party budget. It is essential to include everything you think you will need. And no matter what the final budget is. Those in the know say a good point of reference is to spend approximately 60% of the budget on food and beverages, 25% on kitchen and serving pieces and the final 15% on the rest.

The Right Questions to Ask When Planning a Graduation Party!

Once the budget is in place and before you hit the ground running. You need to ask yourself at least six important party planning questions.

1. When should I have the party?
2. Where should I have the party?
3. How many guests should I invite?
4. Who should I invite?
5. Do I need a theme?
6. What should I serve?

Tips to Get Started Graduation Party Planning

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The best tip I can leave you with is to keep it simple. Put the focus on the guest of honor. If the budget allows hire help. If you think your house isn’t up to par, put the spotlight on the space/rooms you will be using. Traditional decorations will go a long way to change your space. Again if the budget allows source out and book a venue. Create your guest list early. It will help you to decide on the location, party style and day of activities. If you want to know the number of party guests include RSVP and the contact information. Be sure to decorate using the graduate as your muse. If the party is conditional based on the elements, have a plan b. Make food easy to eat and have lots of bottled water on hand. Display personal and special pictures and memorabilia of the graduate. And always, always remember a party is meant to be fun. So don’t worry and enjoy the moment.

So a big shout out to all the graduates. Congratulations on all your hard work. Enjoy the day and your fun graduation party!

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