Google Plus Communities for Meeting and Event Planners

By now I am assuming that most meeting and event planners are part of the 500,000,000 Google Plus members. What started as an invitation only service has quickly become one of the largest social networking services. It’s often described as Facebook for the business community.

Like other social networking sites, there are areas within Google Plus where like-minded professionals can connect. They are called Google Plus Communities and Google Plus Hangouts. Google Plus Communities allow individuals to gather and share ideas. Taking that one step farther, Google Plus Hangouts allows people to meet virtually and discuss their industry’s trends.

Here Are A Few Google Plus Communities Related to Event Planning


Event Planners Gather

Event Professionals

Event Management

Wedding/Event Planning & Marriage Proposals

The best way to get started, within a Google Plus Community, is to join the community and then send a quick introduction to the group. You’ll notice on some communities that they host regular virtual meetings, called hangouts. This is where they have scheduled a date and time for the group to connect. Google Plus Hangouts are a great way to network with industry colleagues. A nice thing about Google Plus Hangouts is that you can see the people within the meeting (well, I guess that’s a good thing…).

Tips on How to Participate within Google Plus Communities

While it’s always a great idea to introduce yourself and tell people what it is you do, be very careful not to use Google Plus Communities to just market yourself.

  • Answer questions that other Google plus members are asking.
  • Ask questions yourself on topics where you could use a little bit of advice.
  • Talk about experiences that may benefit the group.
  • Be respectful and do not call clients out by name (but nothing wrong with using aliases to relay a story).
  • Engage the group. Everybody loves to offer their two cents worth. So why not ask a question that’s been on your mind in an area where you may need assistance planning your next event.

Google Plus Communities are a great vehicle for networking. There are many communities that have been set up for the meetings and events industry. Choose a community where the topics are of interest to you. Engage other event planners as the whole idea of a Google Plus Community is to be an arena where you can share ideas as well as gain valuable information for your industry, in this case the meetings and events industry.

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