Going Green with the Colorado Convention Center

By making small adjustments and modifications, a convention center can make a substantial and impressive impact.

The green, Eco-friendly crusade started small and developed into the sustainable infrastructure it has become today. Whether it is at home or at work the “green” passion has stretched across the globe. Phrases like Eco-friendly and green have become popular and key words in our vocabulary when it comes to describing the planet and our environment. Everywhere you look and everything you read says green is the new black. Meaning it is in trend to be Eco-friendly and green in your home life as well as in your business. There was a time when just the thought of being green and living an Eco-friendly lifestyle was a turn off and automatically brought on thoughts of being a tree huger. But we have come a long way baby and now it is all about living the best possible life including the impact our actions have on the globe.

Being green and Eco-friendly means respecting our planet and being aware and mindful of how we use our water, energy, products and sources in relation to the environment and our everyday world. It means respecting our environment and the ecosystem and amongst other things incorporating into daily life and work whenever possible; composting and the three R’s reduce, recycle, reuse. And these days being green and Eco-friendly is definitely easier than you think.

Why is it important to work with an Eco-Friendly Green Convention Center?

Within the meetings and conventions industry, there has been a rise in the understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Eco-friendly and green. While at the same time venues and convention centers are implementing ways to help the planet by saving energy and water, employing recycling practices, buying locally, donating excess, reducing pollution, using Eco-friendlier transportation substitutes and utilizing natural and ecologically aware products.

Meeting planners have embraced and supported the standards and principals required to guide the industry and those determined to produce more environmentally balanced business settings that inspire the on-going development of greener convention centers and venues. And whenever possible implement and uphold Eco-friendly procedures to ensure future greener meetings and events.

What Makes the Colorado Convention Center Eco-Friendly and Green?

The $64,000 question; what does make the Colorado Convention Center Eco-friendly?

“Denver is a natural fit for green meetings and events”. That is one of the more important things you’ll hear when in the city of Denver and talking about the Colorado Convention Center. Denver, yes the city, is committed to the sustainable development and ecologically-friendly practices that help to develop a green Denver as well as green meetings. And when Governor John Hickenlooper was mayor, he realized how important sustainability was so he developed a program called Greenprint Denver. The program provides leadership and solutions to ensure a prosperous community where people and nature thrive.

The ultimate in goals is to make all events held at the Colorado Convention Center Eco-friendly, removing that imaginary line between a standard event and a green event. Always searching and striving for new procedures, practices and guidelines while retaining the ones that work operationally and adapting the ones that don’t. Due to the efforts to become Eco-friendly and green the Colorado Convention Center has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the EMS 14001 Certification as part of CCC City and County of Denver Overall Certification as well as being recognized by the Colorado Meeting and Events magazine as the Best Green Meeting Facility in 2009.

What is the Eco-Friendly Focus of the Colorado Convention Center?

The Colorado Convention Center has focused their sustainable efforts in the following areas:

• Energy Reduction and Alternative Sources
• Waste Reduction and Diversion
• Water Consumption and Quality
• Air quality and alternative transportation
• Community

And as the first venue to receive certification as a venue which meets the ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meetings, Events, Trade Shows, and Conferences (E2774-11), the Colorado Convention Center continually aspires to lead the industry in terms of sustainable practices. Their robust commitment to sustainability also includes a 300-kilowatt solar power system and they take their commitment to being Eco-friendly very seriously by having a program manager available on site ready to answer questions about anything relating to sustainability.

Simply said, Eco-friendly means earth friendly. How a convention center is built is of the utmost of importance but is only part of the picture. The structure, how it is operated as well as how it is reducing its impact on the environment are equally significant. We all have to do our part, whether at home or in business by implementing the best green practices whenever possible.

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