So it’s that time of year again, your tween is approaching another birthday and you are struggling to come up with the greatest way to mark this special day. Tweens are entering that uniquely amazing time in life when everything slowly, but surely, begins to matter. Birthdays and birthday celebrations are meant to be a very special occasion in a girl’s life and development. So if you are searching for some fun (and so much more) think about planning a sleepover for your tween’s next party!

Girl Birthday Party Ideas – Who Doesn’t Love a Sleepover!

Girls just love, love, love sleepover parties, no matter the reason, occasion or age. Sleepover parties are the bomb and the perfect way to celebrate. Sometimes just the thought of a house filled with tweens doesn’t hold the same thrill and excitement as it may have in the past. But what tween doesn’t just love getting a select group of their BFF’s together for a night of amusement. A sleepover party is the perfect chance for your tween and her friends to celebrate and spend some quality time together. It has been said that sleepover parties are the first opportunity for a tween to flex their rights-of-passage muscle. Oh the fun that awaits!

Sleepover parties are filled with lots of fun and create memories that will last a lifetime. Remember back in the day when you and all your besties enjoyed late nights, grooving to music, talking and laughing the night away? And don’t forget about all those tasty snacks! These are some of the best parts of growing up.

Girl Birthday Party Ideas – Sleepover Party Planning

While sleepover parties are all the rage for our kids, they can pose a bit more of a challenge for the parents doing all the planning. It is important to incorporate both the parent’s vision as well as the child’s when putting all the party pieces together. Sit down with your daughter and find out what she truly wants and is anticipating for this party. And then the time is now to get to arranging and organizing this fun filled sleepover party. But first there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Set a budget, stick to it, and reflect that information in your party plan.

Some things never change the majority of parents and experts agree, co-ed sleep overs are a big (BIG) no-no. It is fully recommended that the guest list include one and only one gender. So if the tween celebrating this special day is a girl then all the invited guests should be girls too.

Limit the number of guests you invite. Take into account the blend of friends and personalities. Think about your time, space and the logistics. And be sure to have contact details for all the guests, as you never know.

Choose a theme. Lots of parents just go with the “sleepover” as the theme. But in an effort to make things unfold in a smoother and easier way some parents and kids choose a specific theme. It will ultimately aid in decision making for invites, decorations and activities.

Be sure to have a blueprint that includes meals, snacks, games, activities and the like. Be aware that you will most likely not stick to the blueprint but it will help with maintaining the action and party flow. So think about how you want that party to unfold and include it in the blueprint.

Sleepovers are all about the food and when we say food, truly thoughts go directly to the junk part of the experience. So in addition to the usual fun junk food, be sure to have some healthy snacks on hand for those that prefer a fruit cup to chips and dip (really?).

Make any and all rules clear from the start. And in this situation, parents are the ones that should be seen and really, not heard too. Be around and available. Be sure the party revelers know you’re there. But give them the space to enjoy and create memories.

I don’t know a kid, myself included, that has been to a sleepover party and doesn’t remember those times fondly. A night of friends, fun, food, laughs and secrets…at some point we all should have the chance to enjoy a sleepover.

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