Where do you get your Motivation From?

Motivation is your future outlook. How things will be when you reach your “one day”. How often have you said or even heard the phrase “I just can’t seem to find the motivation”. Even the best of us loose motivation and find ourselves stuck. When looking for solutions, answers and positive outcomes, it not only takes motivation but skill as well. And when things do go the way of the doe-doe bird, motivation can help us to find our mojo and get things done. Because if we have resolve and determination, we can always find the way.

Motivation, Fake it until you Find it

There are times in life when there is no motivation and no matter what we do we can’t find it. So we just have to pull up our socks, meet the situation head on and make it work. And sometimes in these circumstances you just have to fake it until you can find it. Motivation that is.

Have you been stuck in the same routine with a total lack of spontaneity? Do you feel trapped doing the same things over and over again? Well you’re not alone. Who amongst us wakes up every single day feeling one hundred percent motivated and ready to take on the world? All of us at some point do lack the inspiration and passion for the issues in life and work.

Finding YOUR Own Motivation

Things aren’t doomed as they sound. There are so many things we can all do to boost our state of positivity and motivation. We’ve all been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. When we don’t feel like doing anything at any time. And it seems no matter what we say to convince ourselves we can’t stop the decline. But there is a variety of things that help to boost motivation.

Set goals. Often when we are in a decline there is too much on our plate. By setting specific goals. We can focus our attention, effort and motivation on accomplishing the set goals. Setting goals helps to put the brakes on getting over whelmed and stressed.

Replace negativity with positivity. Get rid of that negative noise in your head. We all have it. That negative conversation that goes on behind the scenes. Replace it with positive reinforcements. It may sound simplistic. But by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones does make all the difference.

Ask for help. If your motivation is on the down swing. Call someone and share your thoughts. Talking always helps. Communicate your difficulties and troubles. Ask for their opinion and help on turning things around.

Look to be inspired. Inspiration can come from all kinds of places. Talk with like-minded people. Read an industry blog, magazine or book. Look at what others are doing and where they are succeeding. We can learn so much from our peer’s achievements.

Don’t give up. I’ll repeat it again, don’t give up. When your motivation can’t be found do not fear it will return. Remember it’s all about the voyage not the destination. Things fluctuate, stay with it, when things decrease they almost always will be followed by an increase.

Motivation includes being accountable for our actions and decisions. Understanding that we are responsible for our achievements (and failures too). And sometimes things are just way out of our control. When it comes to motivation the more we try the more we give ourselves a chance to succeed.

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