Fun Birthday Party Ideas – The Birth of the Half Birthday

When you read the title of this blog you may have said what I did when I first heard about Half Birthdays a few years ago. And that would be “What the heck are Half Birthdays?” And that my friends is a very fair question.

Half Birthdays are exactly what they sound like, a celebration of a person’s birthday half way through the year. Wikipedia states that Half Birthdays are often celebrated by those whose birthday may fall near a holiday, over the summer break or during a season with inclement weather.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas – When to Celebrate the Half Birthday

Since I first hearing Half Birthdays I have learned that those who celebrate them don’t necessarily have a specific time of year that their birthdays fall in. Most seem to love the idea of another reason to celebrate. And while Half Birthdays are only recently gaining in popularity, there are some families who have been celebrating the Half Birthday for generations.

There are two ways of determining when your Half Birthday is. The general calculation of a Half Birthday is six months from your last birthday (if you celebrate your birthday on January 15th, your half birthday would fall on July 15th). For those who wish to be a little more exact, your Half Birthday falls 182.5 days after your birthday, or 183 during leap years.

Fun Party Ideas – Why Celebrate the Half Birthday

At, Half Birthday parties are recommended as a great way for two home families to allow each parent the opportunity to throw a birthday party for little junior every year. One year Mom gets to throw the regular birthday party and Dad does the Half Birthday. The following year they switch. This way both parents are happy and the kids get two parties out of the deal!

Half Birthday parties are a great option for those whose birthdays fall in the winter and they prefer a summer celebration (pool party!). But as Half Birthdays become more common, there are many who have both parties. Some families prefer a smaller, family celebration for the Half Birthday while others go all out for both parties.

Half Birthday parties aren’t just for the kids but are recommended for everyone, from 6 months to 90 years and 6 months. Everyone loves to celebrate and a Half Birthday is another great reason for a party.

Fun Party Ideas – How to Celebrate the Half Birthday Party

When planning your Half Birthday celebration you’re planning a party very similar to a regular birthday party. There are decorations, cake, food and games! Loot bags are the norm and gifts are standard. The only difference that I can see is a ½ added in the decorations.

Several web sites have items specific to Half Birthdays that include themes, invitations, decorations, games, table ware and so much more. There are no limitations or hard and fast rules on how to celebrate your Half Birthday, so the sky’s the limit. So start planning and have twice as good a time at your half Birthday!

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