Five Ways to a Hangover Cure

A hangover cure, not a topic I often have to ponder. But after a weekend of  hockey and a birthday celebration (not mine) like no other it was time to ponder. Yesterday was a day of rest and hangover cure advice from everyone and their brother.

Have you ever wanted to take it easy with some drinks but were not looking forward to the unavoidable hangover? Well you’re not alone. Hangovers happen when we over indulge with alcohol on a system that is already burdened. When blood sugars take the dreaded plunge in an already tired and dehydrated body, it creates the perfect storm.

My Head, My Stomach, Help I Need a Hangover Cure

Like millions of us after the fun comes the day after the night before. When we wake up feeling wobbly and queasy with an incredible urge to eat and eat. And it seems the first words we utter are “I am never drinking again”. But as we all know that’s a boldface lie. Just the thought of that scenario brings a smile to my face. A hangover cure can help to chase the blahs away, boost your mood and help you to feel like your old self again.

This past weekend it seemed everyone I know had the best hangover cure ever. All guaranteed to remedy or at least reduce even the worst of symptoms. And rumor has it even with all the hangover cures around apparently there aren’t actually many that do the job and eliminate all your hangover symptoms. Having said that; the same rumor promises there are definitely ways to help reduce those dastardly symptoms.

Hangover Cures, Let’s Get Started

So it seems there isn’t an all-encompassing hangover cure that can take care of all our symptoms. You know, one that will not only help the head and the stomach but will also help elevate that over all bag of dirt feeling. And while there isn’t one cure all there is definitely lots to help.

Water – The facts are drinking alcohol really does dehydrate. That is why after a night out of fun we feel so parched and poorly. It is imperative to replace those liquids. So load up on the H2O; during the evening of fun, before you go to sleep and the next morning too.

Exercise – Raise your hand if feeling nauseous with your head pounding, you can get off your butt and exercise. No one I know when hung-over feels like working out. But having a mellow workout will help to get our metabolism working, free endorphins that will raise our spirits, making us that much happier.

Greasy Food – Depends on who you talk to about this one. Some say what food you consume after a night of alcohol makes no difference. While others (including me) feel eating a big greasy breakfast the next day does make all the difference. If you feel like a big greasy breakfast then go for it. Because fats have more calories than carbohydrates and proteins; experts say it will help the body to metabolize the beverages faster.

Pain Medication – Reduce your banging head and other symptoms with a couple of painkillers. Over the counter medication will help. But be kind to your liver and be sure to only take NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). And don’t forget about Alka-Seltzer, It will help to balance the stomach acids and aid in relieving nausea and pain.

Sleep – Whenever possible don’t fight it, hangovers usually don’t last any longer than a day. Hop into bed or settle on the couch with some liquids, take it easy and catch up on your sleep. Or mellow out by watching your favorite TV programs or movies.

What I have come to understand is anytime we go overboard with alcohol, it really doesn’t matter how good a hangover cure is. Research information is incomplete, but one thing I know for sure; there is no such thing as a one stop cure all. So take a load off, drink some liquids, have a bite, take a painkiller and get some sleep. And before you know it, you’ll be back to being your great self again.

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