Find your Career Passion and Never Work? Really?

How many times have you heard the expression find your career passion and you’ll never work a day in your life? I personally have heard that ditty more times than I can remember. And that piece of wisdom seems to flow like nothing else. We hear it growing up, in school; we see it on promotional items and what seems like every other place it makes sense. And in the end we really, really want to believe it.

But is it even true? If we find a job or career that we are over the moon about; is it just a walk in the park? No effort or struggles? Making going to work seem like a holiday? Okay we’re going deep today. The facts are getting to do what you love is a dream come true. But for so many of us it’s the opposite of the truth. I for one find it extremely hard to believe. You can love, love, love your job but still consider it work.

Where Does Career Passion Come From?

One thing I know for sure is that if work was meant to be fun it would be called play. I repeat if work was meant to be fun it would be called play. Of course if you enjoy what you do, you’re ahead of the game. And loving what you do does go a long way to making things that much easier. Ultimately who amongst us doesn’t have the goal of finding something we will love to do. It does sound a bit odd to say just take something you love and turn it into something you can get paid for.

Due to circumstances, so many of us end up in jobs that we don’t like or wouldn’t normally go for. The truth is some jobs feel like work and some don’t. I love event planning. The enjoyable stuff as well as the less enjoyable stuff. But there are parts of the job that I don’t enjoy. I’m not a fan of selling myself and pitching my services. But sometime the job entails us to do things we don’t necessarily want to.

Some say when money is involved, it becomes the reason, and becomes less gratifying. When it comes down to it. It has everything to do with choice. When we get to decide the career route we take or the job we do. When we get to decide how and where we apply our talents and energy. When the decision making process is in our hands, we are more likely to feel career passion about what we do.

Finding YOUR Career Passion

Ever ask yourself how do I find a job that I WANT to go to every single day? For some work is a joy while for others a big fat imposition. Have you ever found yourself so unhappy that just getting out the door is a chore? Has the job become boring, miserable and it just sucks? But could you imagine the feeling of joy every single day? Jumping out of bed because you just can’t wait to get there.

There are more ways than one to follow your dreams. The truth is work doesn’t have to be work. Instead of thinking let me just turn my passion upside down and make it into a profession I’ll love. Why not build a working atmosphere that will help create the passion. When it comes to work, whenever possible:

  • Find a line of work that you love
  • Discover the sweet spot between what you enjoy and what you’re good at
  • Think outside the box
  • Connect with great People
  • Be Positive
  • Establish a satisfying atmosphere
  • Understand what’s important

As the story goes, we all have important life decisions to make. And deciding on one’s career is top of the list. If you’re one of the lucky finding an occupation that you relish, adore and are enthusiastic about; then that puts you one step ahead of the rest.

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