How to Find a Speaker (For Your Next Event)

We all know when you find a speaker that is the right fit for your event or meeting makes for some really good news. That just right speaker can help to set the mood and tone for any event or meeting. Hiring a speaker is an important step when event and meeting planning. It’s imperative to take your event requirements, unusual or commonplace, and match them to the meeting agenda, objectives and goals. There are a variety of reasons as well as a huge assortment of speakers that can fit the bill. Everything from a keynote speaker to guest speaker and everything else in between. It’s safe to say, whatever the reason we all want to hire a clever, knowledgeable and quick speaker. One that will motivate, inspire and empower the crowd.

Four Types of Speakers

Speakers really do come in every shape and size. Each with their own areas of expertise. And depending on your plan and program will help you to define the kind of speaker you need to hire.

Professional Speakers bring all kinds of knowledge, expertise and information. And like with anything else some are good and some not so much. The good ones take useful subject matter and educate, engage, motivate and influence.

Famous Speakers are usually asked to speak because of what their name and resume bring to the table. They are influential and it goes without saying that a famous speaker is familiar and known from the entertainment, sports, media, political, arts or business world. Famous speakers add a dash of excitement, a dollop of fascination and a splash of influence to a meeting.

Guest Speakers can enhance a meeting or event by delivering an outsiders’ outlook while providing encouragement and amusement. Whether talking about their devoted charity work, their special profession or another topic that is unique and exceptional to them. A good guest speaker provides an entertaining and noteworthy message that stays with the crowd long after the presentation is done.

Keynote Speakers are hired to entertain by imparting words of wisdom with personal tales and narratives. They have the knack to create interest, promote reflection, encourage, influence and tickle the crowd. Experiencing a good keynote speaker can make all the difference. It’s almost like a magical encounter as they can speak about almost anything. A good keynote speaker will grab hold of you and stimulate, motivate, inspire, amuse and help push you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Where to Find a Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker with a particular expertise for a specific reason? When the need at hand is to find a speaker there are a lots of ways to go.

If you plan on sourcing a speaker, you can let your fingers do the walking and hit Google and enter “Find a Speaker”. Providing you access to over 158,000,000 results of various speakers on various topics. You can pare down the results by including the topic as well as the caliber of the speaker you are looking for. And like everything you are bound to find good speakers as well as not so good speakers. The trick is to do your homework, allow for time and know your budget and what you’re looking for.

If going the individual path is not your bag. Google also has some high ranking speaker directories that are resourceful and more efficient, when it comes to finding speakers on line. Give yourself lots of time. But utilizing a directory helps by taking your requirements, simplifying the plan and finding the right speaker.

If the budget allows. Working with a speakers bureau is a helpful route to go when searching for a speaker.. And there are way more amazing and easy to work with bureaus than you think. A speakers bureau is the middle man when it comes to finding and booking speakers. They are the go between for the client as well as the speaker. And as part of the job, they handle the groundwork, negotiation, administration and management while providing support to both sides. Over the years I have used many a reliable speakers bureaus including the National Speakers Association (NSA). They definitely make it easy. Just pick up the phone or visit the NSA website and find all the handy information via the click of your mouse.

It makes no difference the reason for the speaker; to amuse, entertain or inspire. An outstanding speaker will add to creating a successful program. And whatever course of action you decide to go with, it is imperative to always do your research. Know what you want, have a budget, check references and always, always do your due diligence.

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