Fall Birthday Party Ideas – Making the Most of the Season!

Planning your child’s birthday party is always an exciting undertaking. You want to make sure it pleases the celebrant while also ensuring a fun time is had by all. And every parent wants to ensure that this party is the one to be remembered. Not only by their own child but also remembered by all of the kids who attend.

The best parties are the ones that incorporate all of the fun and games (and food and loot bags!) that go hand in hand with any great birthday. But a great party is made better when making the best of what we are given…including the seasons!

Fall Birthday Party Ideas – What to Do, What to Do

Summer is an easy time to throw a party. Pool parties abound as well as theme parks and barbeques. My sister use to throw a “park party” for my nephew every year. It was great, low cost option that allowed the kids to go crazy outside without having to worry about any damage to the house (boys can get a little excited).

Winter parties include skiing and tobogganing. I have been to more than one “Christmas/Holiday” themed party. In addition to ensuring that their child didn’t feel shorted by having their birthday so close to Christmas, it was easy on the decor budget as the Christmas decorations were already up.

Fall Birthday Party Ideas – So Much to Choose From!

But what about autumn? For many it’s our favorite time of year. The colors are beautiful and often, depending on your location, the weather is still great. Here are a few fall birthday party ideas and great ways of throwing your little one an autumn themed birthday party to be remembered!

Halloween Themed Birthday Party – If your child’s birthday falls around Halloween you’re in luck! Everyone loves Halloween and what better way to extend the fun than by incorporating it into the birthday celebration. All of the guests will be thrilled to have another chance to wear their costumes and you can modify many traditional birthday games to fit your theme. Pin the face on the pumpkin, best costume and apple bobbing are all seasonal favorites that the kids will love.

Hay Ride/Apple Picking – Nothing tires the kids out like a day outside! And what better party favor, being able to bring home a bag of apples that each child picked. Many orchards have everything you need to throw a great party right onsite. No fuss, no muss.

Camping – This one is for the more adventurous parent, and for the more adventurous kids too! But if your child’s birthday falls in early autumn a camping trip is a fun way to celebrate. It’s important to note that you want to keep the numbers down and ensure that you have plenty of adult supervision. But a hike in the woods, collecting leaves and roasting marshmallows over the fire, telling campfire stories and singing campfire songs, will make it a birthday to be remembered!

Fall Birthday Party Ideas – A Few Things to Consider

Although autumn is a beautiful time of year, the weather can be a little unpredictable. So for any outdoor party you have to have a backup plan! Make sure your house (or basement) is large enough to accommodate all of the guests in the event that the party is brought indoors. Have indoor games ready just in case.

Allergies can make any outdoor activities more challenging so be sure to check with the parents if any of the guests have seasonal allergies. If so, ask the parents to send any medication that the child may be on. Nothing can kill a party like an unhappy, unwell guest.

Incorporating the season can be a lot of fun…but make sure the activities are age appropriate. Sometimes, as parents, we get carried away with our own ideas. Be sure to plan the party with the guest of honor and see how they want to celebrate. All of your plans could get kyboshed by a heavy sigh and a roll of the eyes. We may love a hay ride but your tween may be horrified and tell you how “uncool” it really is.

The most memorable parties are the ones that best suit the guests. So talk to your child and see what they want to do. And then buy those pumpkins and get planning! Make the most of the season and create a birthday party to be remembered.

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