Evites for Birthdays, a Great Tool for Birthday Party Planning

Birthday party planning, similar to event planning, requires organizational skills. The great thing about the Internet is that there are automation tools easily available. Today most invitations are done electronically. Evites have become a popular tool for sending out, and tracking, invitations to events. Evites for birthdays are great because you can track who is coming, and who is not, automatically.

One site that specializes in evites for birthdays is Evite.com. Evite is one of the top online invitation and party planning website. It’s fairly straightforward to set up an account, select a template, add your contacts and you’re off and running.

Evites for Birthdays-the Invitation

What’s great about many evite sites is the selection of templates available. Planning a party usually involves a theme. Especially with birthday party planning, a theme is central to the event itself. So when it”s time to send the invitation, you simply review the available templates, pick one that best matches your theme and you’re well on your way.evites for birthdays sample templates

photo by evite.com

As we have said in the past, planning a party does take some commitment on your part. Being organized is the first step. As with event planning, it’s a good idea to have a birthday party planning checklist to ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned. Once you have setup your template, you then enter the information for the people that you’ll be inviting.

Evites for Birthdays-the Automation

Once the initial planning stages are complete, the inviting stage of the birthday can then be automated. You’ve heard the expression that the devil is in the details. By automating your invitation process, your attendees will receive the invitation, and follow-ups according to the schedule you set. For example, if somebody has replied saying they will attend then you certainly do not want to be sending them a reminder e-mail. The same can be said about somebody that cannot attend. The last thing you want is for them to receive additional follow-ups if they’ve already told you they cannot come. Well the automation stage will help in this area. Your reminder will only be sent to those who did not register from the initial e-mail. And then a confirmation e-mail will only need to be sent to those that have indicated they are attending. In other words no duplication any get to keep your friends.

Evites for birthdays can help organize your attendees and save you valuable planning time. By taking the time, upfront, you’ll be able to set your birthday event in motion and have reminders and confirmations automated. This will leave you more time to work on the many other components when planning a party. Who knows, you may actually even have extra time for fun.

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