Everything You Wanted to Know about 75th Birthday Party Ideas but Were Afraid to Ask

Are you looking for 75th birthday party ideas? Well if you’ve begun your search then you know that the person in your life that’s turning 75 this year was born in the year 1937. To say that that person has seen a lot of changes in their life is probably an understatement. If you been reading any of my birthday party idea blogs then you know that I tend to look at the history and, in particular, milestones that have happened over the person’s lifespan – as well as focusing on the year that the birthday boy or girl was born.

75th Birthday Party Ideas Centered around the Birth Year 1937

Here’s a little walk down memory lane, as it were, regarding how much things cost us in 1937 (courtesy of thepeoplehistory.com):

  • average house cost $4100
  • an average wage in 1937 was $1780
  • a gallon of gas cost $.10
  • the average price for a new car was $760
  • unemployment was at 14.3% (and that was good news for that year as it had dropped almost 7% from the previous year)

Additional Events from 1937:

  • that was the year we heard the famous words “oh the humanity! The humanity”. I’m sure you don’t need a reminder that those words were the result of the Hindenburg explosion
  • the disappearance of Amelia Earhart
  • former King Edward VIII marries Wallis Simpson
  • King George VI is crowned King of England
  • the Golden gate Bridge in San Francisco is opened

Popular Songs Released in 1937:

  • Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman
  • one o’clock jump by Count Basie
  • they can’t take that away from me by Fred Astaire
  • I’ve got my love to keep me warm by Billie holiday
  • remember me by Bing Crosby

Popular Films Released in 1937:

  • Snow White and the seven dwarfs
  • conquest

So for 75th birthday party ideas what I tend to do is look at what occurred during the year that the 75-year-old was born (in this case 1937). As you can see from the lists above there is certainly no shortage of events to choose from. My recommendation is to match something that occurred (i.e. movies song or major event) and tie that into the personality type of the birthday boy or girl. From there you’ll start to develop your theme and you will be amazed at how your planning will begin to unfold. The take away message from this is to have fun and more importantly to make sure that the event is something that the birthday person would find fun themselves.

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