Event Services Bring Your Events to Life

Once you’ve outlined your event, done the site visits and have selected your accommodations and suppliers, the hard part is done. Right? Wrong! That’s when things are just heating up. Now don’t get me wrong, selling and being awarded the piece of business is no easy task. But when the file gets handed over to event services, that’s when the nitty-gritty gets underway.

I tend to think of event services as the department, or people, that put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Now might be a good time to point you to our event planning checklist. This template is an ideal blueprint to get you underway.

Types of Event Services

We could literally go on and on about the multitude of event services that are required for many meetings and events. Here’s a list of the more common, or popular, types of event services:

  • CVB’s (often a Convention and Visitors Bureau has an event services department to connect meeting and event planners with the right suppliers based on their needs)
  • Audio Visual Companies
  • Event Production Companies
  • Stage Production Companies
  • Caterers
  • Décor Companies
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Gift and Promotional Companies
  • Meeting Services Companies (Destination Management Companies, for example)
  • Transportation Companies

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People who work in event services, such as event coordinators for example, have to ensure that proposals are submitted in a timely manner. On top of that they also have to coordinate contract signing and monitor the delivery of goods and/or services by the promised dates. It’s these positions where organizational skills are a must. Often the activities of event services are occurring behind the scenes to ensure the overall success of the meeting or event. As my colleague once told me: “if the event is running smoothly, most of the people there won’t even see me”.

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