These days in the event planning world when looking for inspiration the first place to look is an event planning website.

Do you dream of having a job where no three days are the same? Do you fantasize about having a career that is vibrant, fun and exciting? Where the word boredom isn’t even part of the vocabulary? Are you looking to unleash all your creativity and vision and plan and create some of the most unforgettable events?

You’ve read about it, heard all about it and even seen it on TV and in the movies. And you’re pretty sure you want to be one but truly you have no idea exactly what event planning actually entails.

Event Planning Website – Event Planning, What’s it all About?

Synonym.com outlines the basic definition of an event planner as “someone who plans social events as a profession”. Prior to getting in to the industry, do any of us really even know what being an event planning expert is all about? Are we aware of all the various positions and what they involve?

For numerous reasons you’ve decided that event planning is the gig for you! Once that decision has been made there are a lot of other things to consider. What type of planner you want to be and what role you want to take on? What industry sector are you interested in, corporate, incentive, fundraising or wedding planning? There are an unbelievable amount of prospects and at this juncture it is imperative to wade through the opportunities and find the situation that is right for you.

Event Planning Website – Whatever You Do Don’t Miss FabJob.com!

When looking at and considering a job or career change, to gain some insight, all the regular guidelines apply. Number one, do your research, speak with other professionals in the industry, network-network-network. Consider volunteering your time working with event planners on events and meetings. In addition, there are some really helpful and resourceful websites available to assist you in your decision.

As the old saying goes, you can never be too thin or have too much knowledge. And while there are a lot of great event planning websites out there, there is one in particular that I have referred to and that will help you with every step you make.

Fabjob.com was founded in 1999. In addition to being an e-book industry innovator as well as an award honored publisher, Fabjob.com leads the way in the world of event planning. Their website and FabJob guides provide career guidance, industry information and recommendations to help anyone interested in breaking into the event planning world, or as they say finding your “Dream Career”. Whether interested in becoming an event planner or starting up an event planning business FabJob is a fabulous place to start.

They have been featured in various media including AOL, CNN, Essence, Oprah’s newsletter and many more. FabJob’s mission is “to assist fabulous people who are ready to achieve their dreams.”

When making earth (or career) shattering choices and decisions, knowledge and experience are the name of the game. Looking to get established in the industry? Be sure to do your due diligence, do your research and don’t overlook all the great event planning websites out there to help!

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