Event Planning Trends – Food Glorious Food!

As anyone that plans meetings for a living will tell you; there is a powerful connection between good health and diet. And now with such unbelievably weighty statistics with regards to obesity and unhealthy consumption our food selections and responsibility to good health are more important now than ever. 2013 isn’t the first year the trend of healthful eating has hit the event and meeting industry and it surely won’t be the last. The relationship linking nutrition, keeping fit and good health have been recognized for some time no matter what the job or life demands. We all know it; making basic changes to what we eat and drink can and will make all the difference.

Event Planning Trends – Say No to Unhealthy Eating!

By providing nutritious and beneficial food options at meetings and events will help to keep attendees on the straight and narrow when it comes to eating and being active. For the majority of us the larger slice of daily calorie consumption comes during the day. And now more than ever we all seem to have poor eating habits and devour more food and yes beverages than ever before, especially when attending meetings. We’ve heard it before, in the past decade or so, our calories from fat have increased by at least 35%. That translates into the three “U’s”, a lot of unwanted and unneeded calories that lead to a lot of unhealthy eating. And who amongst us doesn’t want to better our eating while at the same time better ourselves.

Event Planning Trends – Nutritious, Healthy and Wholesome, Oh My!

Having healthy options available during meetings makes it uncomplicated and simpler for a delegate to make the right choices. And event and  meeting planners are committing to supporting good health by providing healthy food and beverage possibilities. It’s not the purpose of the planner to judge or control what a delegate consumes or doesn’t; but to assist in making better and healthier choices. Delegates are also making their wants and requests known. An increase in healthy, nutritious and wholesome alternatives is on the upswing. And I’m not being naive when it comes to meetings and healthy foods. When it’s all been said and done, a quick look at the buffet tables and coffee breaks show the less healthy options are still being consumed at a record pace. And yes I‘m talking to you bacon and soft drinks. But delegates are making a dent in the healthy choices as well.

Event Planning Trends – The Proof is in the Pudding!

My “breakfast of champions” on site used to be a can of sprite (lots of ice) and a bag of chips and I would then hit the ground running. And truthfully I thought all was great. But only once I made the commitment to my health and incorporated healthier foods did it really make all the difference. I felt better; had increased energy and overall was able to do a superior job. By making basic changes to the food and beverages accessible and consumed at meetings puts the power and responsibility into the hands of the consumer. And best of all there is lots of information available to help.

The proof is definitely in the pudding. A great way to increase energy, reduce stress and create a more positive work life is to make suitable and healthy menu choices. And it has been said the association between healthy food and physical activity puts you on that road to good health.

It really is as easy as 1-2-3 when it comes to incorporating good food alternatives into our meetings. And the more it’s available the sooner it will become a routine and not a groan. For planners and anyone else for that matter responsible for choosing what is consumed during meetings; making simple changes by swapping out less healthy options for the more healthy ones will only enhance ones well-being.

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