Event Planning Supplies – The Components of a Successful Program

It takes a lot to plan an event. Ideally, you need the creativity of an artist, the stamina of a marathon runner and the calm of a Buddhist monk. And don’t forget the multitasking abilities of a parent of six! Not too much to ask for. But no matter how well you plan it, without talented, reliable and amazing suppliers, everything that can go wrong…may.

Event Planning Supplies – Catering

Food bonds people. A romantic dinner for two or appetizers for two thousand, people have always enjoyed breaking bread. It offers the chance to savor, discuss and drink. And no matter what the event, the food will always be talk about.

Although delicious and well prepared is always at the top of the list, it’s important that the menu be appropriate for the event. A casual affair should not have high end, frou frou hors d’œuvres that no one will recognize. And on the flip side, attendees are expecting something beyond pigs in a blanket at a black tie affair!

After planning the event to the smallest detail, you have a pretty good idea of what you want. But if you’re not sure of your final choices, a good caterer will help you create a menu that will both dazzle and delight.

Event Planning Supplies – Transportation

Not all programs require transportation. Perhaps the venue is all encompassing, or everything is planned within walking distance. Sometimes they’re responsible for their own transportation. But usually some transportation is required; shuttles, airport, dine-arounds or tours. And when transportation is your responsibility, you want to ensure your delegates are receiving a certain level of service.

First and foremost, ensure any vehicles being used for your program are clean, modern and in good repair. It may seem basic but a few years ago there was an extremely high-end, VIP group in town. The event coordinator and client were to be picked up in a luxury coach and taken to meet the delegates at the airport. The luxury coach, exclusively booked for the five day program, was running late. The dispatcher sent a standard passenger van with bench seating as a replacement. The issue? The van was old, dirty and had a cracked windshield! And although the lux coach met them at the airport, the client was furious with the “crap-mobile” sent in its place.

The meeting planner was informed immediately and called the dispatcher. When the response was denials and a condescending brush off, she knew she was not receiving the service she expected. After a few calls, she found another luxury coach (from one of her other suppliers) and pulled the contract immediately. Although the delegates were unaware of the situation, the client appreciated her quick response to the less than stellar supplier.

Event Planning Supplies – Welcome Gifts

Although more common in the past, a welcome gift awaiting delegates in their room is a great touch. Usually something local, it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be effective. A small gift bag filled with some local goodies is a welcome sight after spending several hours traveling. A couple of bottles of water and some tasty treats are appreciated by your tired and hungry delegates.

Welcome gifts are a small detail, but one that gets people’s attention and sets a nice tone for the rest of the meeting.

They say we are only as strong as our weakest link. By utilizing strong, reliable suppliers, you can ensure the strength of the individual components of your event.

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