Event Planning Resources – Start Your Engines!

Event Planning Resources – Start Your Search Engines That Is!

Event planners remember the “good old days” when it was time to plan the annual conference and you knew the volume of research and planning that you were facing. So you would sit down and, with the precision of a general, plot out your strategy and approach. And usually a really, REALLY, big event planning checklist was involved.

An incredible amount of information had to be plotted and thought out; the convention city, travel logistics, accommodations, venues and facilities, food and beverage, guest speakers. And that was just the beginning! The to-do list seemed to grow like the weeds in the backyard. And let’s not forget, at least one site inspection minimum would be required. There were conference calls to be held, recommendations to make and proposals to request and receive.

Information would ultimately arrive via snail mail, then eventually fax and finally email. But it most certainly took time and more time. Nothing was instantaneous. And we were always wondering if those proposals would ever arrive. It was the “hey day” for couriers too because they were the fastest way to exchange information.

Event Planning Resources – Green Flag!

That was until the advancement of technology and search engines came in to the picture.

By now we’ve all used some search engine or another and we all know what a search engine does. An unlimited amount of worthwhile info can be found using search engines. With the arrival of Google and other search engines the web has erupted in size. It is now a huge directory filled with more information then we could ever imagine or find on our own.

Event Planning Resources – Search Engines as a Resource…

What could be easier? You are now ready to research and plan your conference and all the details that come along with it. And all you have to do is sit at your computer. Get comfortable and go to Google or Bing or your favorite search engine and just type. Type a word or words or an entire sentence and with a click of your mouse “poof” and as an event planner you have all of the information you’ve been looking for. It’s that fast. In the past, it could have and most likely would have taken days or possibly even weeks for that information to arrive and now it’s available, right at your fingertips.

The arrival of the search engine changed the way event planners now approach research and planning. The availability of information and the ease of which it can be acquired is light years ahead of what it used to be. No more waiting for mail or faxes or couriers. Search engines have really helped make this part of the event planning job that much faster and easier.

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