Event Planning Questions Are the Secret Ingredient to Success

Thank you to EVERYONE for sending in your event planning questions. We have been inundated with numerous questions, comments and antidotes. And we have enjoyed going through every single one of them. Some are of a more serious nature and others are quite funny but all of them important and deserving of attention and answers.

To remind any first timers as to the way this works. A select group of industry professionals and suppliers come together in a think tank sort of way. We address event planning questions and come up with, in our opinion, the best route to go, solution or suggestion. This time around we tried to choose two different questions to address. So ready, let’s get started.

Event Planning Question One – Solved!

What are your thoughts on Post Event Evaluation Surveys?

We think one of the more important things to do once an event is over is to get feedback. Receiving feedback is good thing, whether it’s positive or negative. Post event evaluation surveys are utilized by event planners to help gauge an event’s success. And to understand what those attending anticipated and what their actual event wants and needs were. Post event evaluation surveys can present some of the most significant and important advice and feedback. Clarifying whether your event was indeed successful or not. And providing the opportunity to fine-tune things for upcoming events. There is nothing wrong with asking your audience what their thoughts were about the total event. What they liked or didn’t like. Providing the chance for delegates to weigh in on what is essential to them while at the same time determining if those components were met. And to really find out the specifics about the audience’s experience. We recommend you always provide a section where they can share their views and ideas and suggestions for events in the future.

Event Planning Question Two – Answered!

What do you think are some of the challenges Event Coordinators face?

An event coordinator is expected to be all things to all people. And the job of an event coordinator can be a demanding one. No day is the same. Each filled with a range of varied tasks, opportunities and yes challenges. They are required to execute assorted jobs that can be unpredictable and ever-changing. An event coordinator must be able to identify a client’s vision and create and execute a plan. As well as everything else in between. They must be detail oriented, flexible and able to budget, multi task, communicate, negotiate, think outside the box and react to and make changes on a dime. In addition to having exceptional organization skills, they must be willing to work longer hours and be able to take on anything that comes their way. And then once that’s said and done be able to manage and oversee it all. Embodying all those characteristics and getting the job done, we would say, is a challenge in itself.

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