Event Planning Magazines – To Read or Not To Read? That is the Question…

Are you like me? Every business trip you go on, you decide to use the opportunity to catch up. Catch up on all your trade magazine reading. Event Planning Magazines as well as party planning magazines can be an unbelievable industry resource. So for me it’s a vicious circle, trip after trip I load up my carry on with all my back issues with the thought, “I will catch up! Really, I will!” So in a perfect world, almost every plane ride involves the lugging of and thumbing through of a mind boggling amount of industry mags.

There is so much meeting and event planners have to accomplish in an average work week that there just isn’t enough time get through all these resource filled magazines. So weekly, they get pushed to the side over and over again. Your first instinct may be to just chuck them, start fresh and file those magazines in the recycle box. But then you’ll never get the chance to read through them and you may miss a prime opportunity to stay on top of the news and all of the innovative and sensational ideas in our profession.

Event Planning Magazines – I Say to READ!

The business of planning events and meetings is an enormous, vibrant and is an always changing industry. It’s all about what you know, what’s been done, who’s done what and what’s on trend.  It’s so, so important to stay on top of it all! There is no better way to stay in touch with all the “hot” and “in” industry styles and concepts. There are so many great ideas and supportive articles that help to promote and advance our industry and raise our professional profile. Event planning, party planning, birthday party planning, party themes, what to do, what to showcase, the mags help us  and provide so many great and wonderful ideas. And in every issue I discover something new and exciting to test out and use on future events.

Event Planning Magazines – Now “What to Read? Is the Question

There are countless publications available that offer insight, knowledge and resources within the industry that can easily be put to good use. I am forever referring back to some of my favorites.

An excellent industry resource (and one of my absolute must haves) is the Meeting Planners International (MPI) one+ Magazine. They definitely have their finger on the pulse of all things meeting and event related. And they provide so much substantial take away information you’ll find you can’t or won’t want to live without it.

Ignite Magazine is a spark of inspiration (as their tag line informs us). A sophisticated and fashionable magazine, it focuses on the hottest trends and newest hot spots. They keep the reader up to date with the most state-of-the-art, cutting edge offerings and contributions.

Special Events Magazine is global resource for all things special events whether it be parties, events or meetings. Each and every publication supplies a myriad of tips and resources to aid the reader in all areas of special event creation. A great find to always have handy to refer to.

So when keeping in touch with what’s new, hot and exciting in the event, meeting  and party world don’t forget about one of the best industry resources. Event Planning Magazines! They will always keep you on top of the world of meetings and industry trends and all things in vogue!

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