Event Planning Internships

Decision time…You’re not happy in your present job or long term career path. You feel the time is now, the time to make a plan, the time for change. There are a couple of areas that have you interested. Areas that you feel strong in and know you can succeed.  And at the top of the list is event planning.

You have always had a knack for planning. You’re the go to person for friends and family for all things planning; those fun family get-togethers and events, cool outings and the ever so entertaining parties.  And at your current job you’re always the first person to volunteer for the planning social committees.  But still the question lingers. Is this the right direction for you to take?

Event Planning Internships – First Step

Before you jump to any quick decisions that may involve making the break at your present job, there are several factors to consider.  First and foremost, research, research, research. It is imperative to thoroughly explore the job that you are considering, what that job involves and what it will take for you to accomplish.  Speak with event planners out in the field. The industry is very welcoming and I don’t know an event planner that isn’t willing to help out a potential colleague.

Find your passion! That’s the question we’ve all heard, time and time again.  “Do you feel passion in what you do?”  If you are passionate about your job, you will forever be happy (so “they” say). You will never have the weekly highs and lows. That dreaded Sunday night and Monday morning feeling, that feeling of relief on hump day as the week is half done and that oh so happy feeling of elation and joy that Friday is finally here.

Event Planning Internships – Is This The Right Move?

So you’ve looked at the options, you’ve done the research and you were able to connect with a planner or three. You have made the monumental decision to make the change and event planning is what you want to do. But you still wonder if there is anything else you can do to help confirm that this is the right move.  Event Planning Internships are the way to go.

With event planning internships, you will be given the opportunity to learn from the best, hands on. They get you knee deep in the thick of things.  You will have the chance to observe, learn, absorb and eventually participate. Event planning internships provide you with the chance to put yourself in the actual event planning position and run with it, with some leadership and guidance. Once you complete your event planning internship, you will know if you’ve made the right decision. The internship will have helped you acquired some industry experience and set you on the path of event planning.

There are so many ways to be really sure of a career path in event planning. Remember to research the industry, interview successful event planners and when possible look at and participate in event planning internships.

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