Event Planning Ideas – Making Your Meeting Stand Out

There are only so many original event planning  ideas out there. We see it in movies, television and literature all the time, different variations of the same theme.

Event planning is no different; there are only so many original ideas out there. So how do we make them seem fresh and new?

How do we continue to impress and dazzle our delegates?

Don’t be afraid of inspiration. Just look around you, at other meetings, at social media, at trends. There’s  tons of  ideas out there waiting for a new twist.

Event Planning Ideas – Design and Decor

Design and decor are a great way of setting the tone of any event. As we discussed in an earlier blog, design and decor offer endless possibilities and can help shape your event and give it that something special to help make it unforgettable.

Design and decor don’t have to be a budget buster. Sometimes something as simple as highlighting your host city can be extremely memorable for the attendees. Highlighting historical landmarks, sports venues and entertainment centers will not only create memories for your attendees, but also create conversation pieces.

Event Planning Ideas – Venue

We’ve said it before and we will no doubt say it again. But the key to the success of any event is location, location, and of course, location.

That doesn’t mean your venue has to be the biggest or the flashiest one around. It doesn’t have to be an expensive show stopper or an all inclusive resort. It just has to be appropriate. And by appropriate we mean don’t have a poverty conference at a high end hotel  or a team building event for Coke somewhere that serves Pepsi.

Event Planning Ideas – Guest Speakers

Laughter truly can be the best medicine and having a knockout guest speaker can leave your delegates buzzing for days.

I remember one corporate “employee fun day” where the attendees had to sit through hours of corporate rah-rah-rah (where’s the fun in that?). You could see that they had lost the 1,500 attendees. They were there physically, but mentally they were composing their grocery lists and thinking about the weekend.

When Martin Short walked onto that stage the energy in that room skyrocketed. And after doing about twenty minutes corporate took over and rode the wave of good will to a positive and energetic closing.

Afterward, the buzz was almost 100% positive. The majority of attendees weren’t thinking about the heavy handed corporate babble that they had just sat through. They were talking and laughing about Martin Short, who saved the day and kept those attendees from becoming a bitter, angry mob.

What’s new and hot is always changing. Sometimes all it takes is that one, fresh variation that will make a difference at your event and in the memory of your delegates.

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