Event Planning Firms – Are Your Employees Happy?

Job dissatisfaction is at an all time high. According to an article published last year by CBS news, a mere 45% of Americans are happy at work. And an unhappy workforce is not conducive to a successful work environment.

No industry is immune to employee dissatisfaction, even ours. Especially ours. Event planning requires long hours, patience and incredible organizational and multitasking skills. There is a higher burnout rate which also contributes to an unhappy team. So what are you doing to keep up morale and wipe out employee dissatisfaction?

Event Planning Firms – The Good

Although it seems like a simple concept, when we’re happy at work we do a better job. And there are actual scientific studies to back it up. Thomas Wright, Professor of Management and the President Jon Wefald Leadership Chair in Business Administration at Kansas State University, has determined that employees who are satisfied in their jobs actually perform better and are therefore are less likely to quit.

A happy team is more likely to work harder and be more productive. There is a willingness to take on extra tasks and ensure that they are not only done, but done well. In the end, a happy team increases employee retention and a company’s profitability. And who doesn’t want that!?

In a totally unscientific poll, I recently asked friends and colleagues what they thought the most important factors were in creating a positive work environment. And the answers were surprisingly standard. Topping the list are a decent salary, appreciative and open bosses, positive colleagues and a fun and constructive work environment. The opportunity to produce good work with the proper support was also widely mentioned.

Event Planning Firms – The Not So Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Most of us have been fortunate enough, at some point in our careers, to have jobs we love. But unfortunately, we’ve also all had jobs that we hate. And there is nothing worse than that feeling of dread creeping up on you during your commute to work. As a result, when we’re unhappy at work we’re less likely to care about what we’re doing and unlikely to go that extra mile.

When I asked the same group of friends and colleagues what created a negative work environment, the answers were fast and furious!! A mean or negative boss was absolutely number one on the list. Lack of appreciate was also a huge factor. Negative colleagues, strengths being ignored, lack of training and an inability to think outside the box were also high on the list.

Event Planning Firms – Making Your Team a Success

It’s pretty easy to say start at the beginning. Yes, you want to hire qualified individuals but you should also consider the personalities as you interview. If you hire positive people, they will bring that attitude into the workplace and a good mood is incredibly infectious. A positive personality will be bring a lot more than just experience to your team.

Shake it up a bit. Most companies can’t afford a big employee appreciation blowout. But it doesn’t take a million dollars to show your team you care. A BBQ lunch (or pizza) once a month can create a bonding moment for everyone. Food bonds people and can create a fun moment that is then carried into the rest of the day.

Employee incentives can create some friendly competition within the team while increasing sales or community mindedness. The prize doesn’t have to be a trip around the world. Gift cards, movie tickets or even an afternoon off can show your team that you truly do appreciate them.

Give back to the community. It feels good to give back. And companies that encourage community mindedness tend to foster a more positive work environment. Whether it`s a food drive, toys at Christmas or raising money for a local charity, find out what your team cares about and get them involved.

Regardless of the industry, everyone wants to love their job. And it doesn’t take a lot for management to create a positive and happy team. So make sure that you’re creating a positive work environment and the rest will follow.

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