Event Planning Conference Software

We often talk about event planning conference software on this blog. And it’s no secret that we are big fans of event planning conference software. Part of the reason that we often profile industry software is because we are always looking at new and innovative ways to help meeting planners plan, organize and execute their meetings and events successfully.

Event Planning Conference Software Allows the Meeting Planner to Focus on the Event Itself

It’s very easy to get lost in the organizing stage of a meeting or event. I’ve been in that position where I tend to focus more on organizing myself than actually getting the tasks completed. And sometimes when we think of an event that were organizing we start to feel stressed out because of all of the details that are required in order for the event to proceed successfully. You’ve heard the expression you can’t see the forest for the trees. Well event planning certainly fall into that category. What event planning conference software does is help you, the event planner, take a methodical approach to the event itself. Hopefully the goal is to relieve the stress that’s associated with the planning stages of the event.

I was impressed with a particular event planning conference software called “Sign Up 4”. In fact “Sign Up 4” actually has four event planning conference software packages. The company was started by meeting planners (the first positive sign of a good product for the industry) in 1999 and, as their website states, their objective is to design, develop and deliver cost effective event management tools for event and meeting planners.

The Event Planning Conference Software Products from Sign up Four Include:

Event Management System – this software product allows planners to manage multiple meetings and events from a single dashboard. It allows the planner to create customized event websites with online registration and payment options. The report monitoring for attendee registration alone is valuable with this software.

Travel Management System – handles transportation logistics.

Spend Management System – incorporates accounting modules into the customize workflow design.

The Strategic Meeting Management Suite – this package encompasses the event management, travel management and spend management into one bundled package.

Final Thoughts

The goal of event planning conference software is to assist the planner in executing successful conferences or events. Software is particularly useful if the planner’s working with multiple events at once. It’s important to remember that when you’re considering event planning conference software it should be designed around what your specific needs are. While there are some common requirements for everybody each of us has specific needs based on our own workflow.

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