How an Event Planning Checklist Makes You a Better Planner

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. If you have ever planned a meeting or event, then you know just how many details and tasks are involved to execute it. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you’ll still need an action plan to keep on top of what needs to be done, and when. And that’s where an event planning checklist comes in. An event planning template is designed to walk you through the various stages involved with planning an event.

Consider an event or conference planning checklist as a starting point. You’ll start with a generic template. From there you’ll need to incorporate tasks that are unique to your conference or event. After that, prioritize your “to do’s” by due dates (or how many weeks out from the event’s date).

Introducing’s Event Planning Checklist

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Download, or Print, Our Event Planning Checklist Here.

Your event planning checklist template will evolve each time you use it. What you’re doing, really, is developing a master template over time. Not all of the conference planning checklist items will be applicable for each event. But as you customize your checklist it’ll reflect your own approach to being organized.

Here’s a tip: don’t get too wrapped up with organizing what you need to do. Of course it’s vital to know what needs to be accomplished, and when. But a planner can also get caught up with just organizing a “to do” list without actually completing any of the tasks. I say that because I speak from experience. I’m very good at organizing – some might argue almost too good. What I’ve had to work on, with my own time management, is to spend more time doing the tasks and less time planning them.’s event planning checklist is ideal for corporate event planning. Looking for a party planner checklist instead? Well we’ve got one of those for you as well. Check out our party planning checklist page here.

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