Event Planners Association – Pro OR Con?

I for one am definitely pro. Throughout my career I have always belonged to one or another Event Planners Association. And I have always felt the financial investment has been well worth what I have received back professionally.

An event planner’s professional life can certainly be enhanced by belonging to an Event Planners Association. An Event Planners Association provides the setting to meet, bond and collaborate with other career planners. “To meet, bond and collaborate about what?” you may ask. Well…

Event Planners Association – Networking

For many, when thinking about an Event Planners Association, the first thing that automatically comes to mind is, wait for it, Networking. The opportunity to mingle with like and not so like-minded industry colleagues is always a big pull. And not only on the planning side of the arena but with colleagues on the supplier side too.

It offers the chance to explore industry trends, to bounce ideas, to think outside the box and get independent opinions. Who doesn’t like to meet up with their industry friends to mingle, socialize and potentially expand your repertoire?

Event Planners Associations – Educate

Professional development is the name of the game. An event planners association keeps you on top of all things planning. There are various educational segments designed to educate and inform that will suitably fit into a busy planner’s schedule. The educational components of an event planners association help an event planner develop, thrive and stay connected.

Education enables us to be industry competitive, be in the know of “what’s hot and what’s not” industry wise. It truly does enhance our work life. With only utilizing a fraction of our time, we continue to be on the inside and in turn we become better planners.

Event Planners Associations – Career

No matter the type of event planner, or the reasons we became one, we all look to better ourselves and ultimately move up the career ladder. By staying industry significant we take a major step up that ladder. Not only for self worth in our careers, but also with our peers and clients. We are able to project and present our company and services as the best possible option out there.

Final Thoughts

You are your biggest investment, so take the time to be the best possible planner. And when you are a member of an Event Planners Association you are making an investment in yourself and your career. So take the time to choose the right event planner association or associations that fit your personal and professional life.

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