Everything You Need to Know About Being an Event Planner

While event planning is usually thought of as party planning, those interested in this professional should know it is not the same. Event planning involves much more than planning parties for individuals. Those that plan parties or weddings are not thought of as event planners in the same sense. They are more fun-based, instead of business-based, and provide individuals with the planning of their private events, not corporate ones. There are steps that need to be taken to find out if this is the right profession for you. There are many things that no one tells you about this profession that can help you decide. 

Being an event planner is an exciting, fast-paced, and rewarding career. Those that do this as a profession find it is one of the best careers they could have asked for. Those that are interested in becoming one want to know how. There are specific steps that need to be taken to find out if being an event planner is right for you. While it might seem like an exciting career path to choose, it can also be a demanding one. Learn more about the profession and make an informed decision on whether this is the right job for you.Quick NavigationWhat Is an Event Planner?  ​How to Become an Event Planner        EducationExperienceCertificationPortfolioRequirements​Pros and Cons of Being an Event Planner​​    Conclusion

What Is an Event Planner?  

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​An event planner is a professional that coordinates all business and corporate events. They can also plan out meetings and other specifics so that the company can meet with other business professionals within a comfortable atmosphere. Depending on where the planner works, they may have to plan out fundraising and charity events, or other marketing-like events that involve the public or other companies and corporations. The planner is the one that sends the invites, secures the location, plans the schedule of events for the event, decorates, arranges transportation, provides snacks and/or drinks, and plans the entire event down to the last detail so it can run as smoothly as possible. These professionals are invaluable to the company they work for.

​How to Become an Event Planner        

There are certain steps that a person can take to become an event planner. There are also specific requirements that need to be met in order for an individual to be considered, by companies, as an event planner.

​1 Education

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​Those interested in this profession should consider obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following fields: business, marketing, communications, public relations, or hospitality management. While this is not a necessity, some companies require that their applicants possess one. Those that do not have a Bachelor’s Degree in one of these, or at all, may need to show extensive experience in the field before they’re considered for the position.

​2 Experience

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​Experience is welcome by many companies. Those that are considering this career path should consider helping out an event planner once they have gotten their education, or doing an internship to get the necessary experience. This provides them with something concrete to show when applying to become an event planner with a company. Any sort of experience can help the professional get their foot in the door of the place they truly would like to work as an event planner.

​3 Certification


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​There is a personal certification that can be obtained by those that are interested in furthering their career as an event planner. These are voluntary, but they show that you are committed to providing the best services possible to the company. There are two different certifications that an individual can get:

  • ​CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) – You need three years of experience and proof of continuing education with this certification.
  • ​CGMP (Certified Government Meeting Professional) – Those taking this exam must have a membership with the Society of Government Meeting Professionals and take a 3-day course, and a test.

​4 Portfolio

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​If you have not already, create a portfolio that showcases some work you have already done. This portfolio can help the company decide if you are the right professional for the position within their company. Having a diverse selection of different events, planned by you, in the portfolio lets them know you can tackle any event they may need help with. This portfolio also comes in handy for those that are going to be creating their own business as it shows the many skills you have and the ability to plan events for many companies and corporations.

​5 Requirements


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Not all employers ask for the same requirements, so depending on the company you wish to work with, their requirements may differ from another company. Those that are looking to become an event planner must keep these requirements in mind because employers may require them when applying for the position.

  • ​1 to 3 years of experience in event planning
  • ​Be able to multi-task
  • ​Have familiarity with common computer programs
  • ​Work in a fast-paced environment while under stress
  • ​Be organized and punctual
  • ​Join a professional organization
  • ​Have a specialty for event planning, such as organizational, fundraising, government, corporate or small business planning
  • ​Be able to effectively communicate
  • ​Have a strong budgeting sense

​​​Most of these are skills that the professional has to have to do well in this profession. For those that may not be the best at speaking to many people, making reservations for others, or are not sure of their decisions, this might not be the best job to pursue. Those that are in this profession have a strong backing that makes them confident about the decisions they have to make. The decisions they make can affect the entire event and decisions of those that come to the event. This is why it is important that a confident, knowledgeable event planner is the one doing the job.

​Pros and Cons of Being an Event Planner

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There are pros and cons to every profession that is out there. Understanding the pros and cons before moving forward in a career path is the best way to decide if it is the right path for you to take. Here are some pros and cons that event planners have voiced after they have been doing the job for some time. They can help those currently interested make a more informed decision on whether event planning is right for them.


  • ​It can be rewarding to be recognized by the company for your hard work
  • ​There is a varied pace, so you can change things up from time to time
  • ​There is variation and change always, so you are never bored doing the same thing over
  • ​You usually work with an awesome team that comes together
  • ​You can meet new and interesting people everywhere you go
  • ​You get to see new parts of the world or country, depending on the company
  • ​You get to plan exciting events that mean something
  • ​It is possible to freelance as an event planner and not actually be employed by a company
  • ​You can work your way up to start your own event planning business
  • ​There are great job prospects and opportunities available
  • ​It is a fun job to do
  • ​You have creative freedom mostly during the planning phase
  • ​You do not need a formal education in most cases, just experience to get started from the bottom to work your way to the top

​ Cons

  • ​It can be one of the more stressful jobs at the end of the day
  • ​You may have to deal with difficult, stressful people that are picky
  • ​Long hours of not being around any other people
  • ​Traveling is a part of the job and being away from home is common
  • ​You need the experience to do this job, which can be a downfall
  • ​When the company makes cuts, event planners are the first ones to go
  • ​You may have to take on an internship or lower paid position to get experience to get a better job down the road

​​    Conclusion

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​The outlook for event planners is strong with many businesses searching for the best professional to work within their business. Those that are interested can know the projected tendency of this profession is expected to grow tremendously. With median salaries ranging in the $50,000 to $60,000 range, it is an ideal position for those looking for a steady income and a profession to be passionate about.

​If becoming an event planner is something you are interested in doing, starting with a Bachelor’s Degree followed by adding experience working within a fast-paced business environment providing event planning services for the company is the way to go. Those that are interested in something like this should get into it; it can be a rewarding experience and a position that many companies need.

​Find out if becoming an event planner is the right profession for you to move forward with. Many have found this to be an exciting, rewarding career move and one that many others may enjoy depending on the work they’re looking for. Being a professional in this field is one you have to think about and consider if it is right for you. It is a profession that may not be for the faint of heart.

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