Event Planner Resume Writing

Are you finding it difficult to put together your event planner resume? Well you’re not alone, resume writing can be a staggeringly difficult undertaking. And no matter the type of work, searching for a job can be a challenging task. And really that’s what makes the impact of a resume so essential. It is one of the most important tools one can utilize when looking for work.

For so many, just thinking about writing a resume is torture. After all these years, how can we sell ourselves and our careers in one or two pages max? You’d think that would be impossible right?! But really it isn’t as frightening as it seems. The experts say before starting, that first and foremost one thing that is needed is a blueprint. A blueprint plan that includes the resume design and content.

What is the Purpose of an Event Planner Resume?

If you happen to be in this situation and are putting together an event planner resume, you know it can be tough to assess one’s own merits and abilities. Back in the day a resume was a calling card and the perfect opportunity to tell your entire work history tale. But times have definitely changed and in more ways than I have room to write in this blog. And these days a resume is all about marketing yourself and providing a snapshot of achievements that qualify you for the job.

The job of a resume is to influence an organization and to encourage them to call you in for an interview. And then it’s your responsibility to wow the potential employer with all your significant experience, expertise and qualifications.

Event Planner Resume Four Dos to Get Started

If looking to make an impression on a potential employer be sure to consider the following do’s on your event planner resume:

Include Personal Info – Be sure to put the appropriate individual information including full name, email address, contact telephone number and address.

Think Outside the Box – Give yourself a leg up over your competition. Don’t go the traditional route. Stand out in a crowd and show your personality.

Be Brief – Be sure to use language that is concise, to the point and understandable. Employers don’t want the have to read through pages and pages of unclear information to finally get to the facts.

Highlight the Positives – Shine the light on all your talents. Take your greatest skills, qualities and abilities and put them front and center.

Event Planner Resume Four Don’ts to Avoid

And now for some of the don’ts to avoid when it comes to that challenging event planner resume:

Don’t be Generic – Don’t go with the same old, same old information. In a sea of paper, you want your resume to be noticed. It’s essential to tailor your resume for the job you are responding to.
Employers will appreciate having the pertinent and important information right at their fingertips.

Don’t be Long Winded – Don’t over sell yourself with words. Meaning don’t send a resume that is too long and filled with way too much information. Make sure yours is on target and to the point. A resume should be one page tops two. Simply said, a resume that is longer than two pages will never get read.

Don’t use an Inappropriate Email Address – You are a professional applying for a professional job. So never use a cutesy email address on a resume. It makes no difference what you bring to the table, there is no employer that is going to hire someone they have to contact at [email protected].

Don’t Lie Ever – If we’ve learned anything, it’s to never, never lie on your resume. Make sure that any information you include is indeed factual. The best way to not have to agonize over anything is to ensure all your details are true and nothing has been embellished or inflated.

Final Thoughts

Finally,  the most important thing to remember when it comes to completing an event planner resume is to always, always proofread it. Never send out a resume without first proofreading it over and over again. And then get someone else to have a whack at it. Because most times it’s hard to identify our own errors.

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