By now many of you know that we put a special emphasis on event planning education. Here at Plan an Event, we continue to be encouraged by amount of students, and younger people in general, seeking to enter this industry. Event planning technology is on the increase. Or, perhaps, I should say the use of event planning technology is on the increase. Why so? Well without any scientific backup my pulse tells me that it is due to the younger generation and their interest in conference and event management.

Event Planner Courses Are on the Rise

We wrote an earlier article about event planning degrees. In that article, we highlighted the importance of education in this industry. We presented an overview of institutions that offer event planning degrees in Europe, India, Canada and the US.

To review the article, click “Event Planning Degrees; an Investment in Your Career and Yourself“.

For this article, keeping to the educational theme, we’re going to highlight an institution (this one in Canada) where you can obtain diplomas in conference and event management.

Event and Venue Management by the Trebas Institute

The Trebas  Institute, a college in Montréal and Toronto, was established in 1979 as a private career college. The college’s focus was on the music and entertainment industry. And, in particular, the need to train skilled professionals for that industry. Today the institution has expanded that focus to include audio production engineers, event planners, entertainment managers or event and venue managers.

Event and venue management diploma courses

The diploma courses for event and venue management have a duration of 48 weeks, full-time. They offer a couple of different start dates throughout the year. This is ideal for those that cannot start their education in the typical September month that schools start.

The event and venue management course offers students the necessary knowledge and skills that are required for the industry. As their website says, the course focuses on event planning, marketing, budgeting, contract negotiations, as well as advertising and venue operations. A full rounded diploma course.

Final Thoughts

As education plays a vital role in the conference and event planning industry, there are a few choices that are offered. For some, a degree course is best suited for their career path. Others may look at what diploma courses can offer them for their career enhancement. Whichever path you decide to take, there is one common outcome – more and more fully trained and skilled individuals are entering our industry. And that, my friends, is a very good trend indeed.

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