10 Event Flyer Designs You’ll Love – Tips and Information

After deciding to host an event, we all know the next step is figuring out how to get the word out and gather enough interest to ensure high turn out. With the rise of social media, we often have mere seconds to catch the eye of someone scrolling through their news feed.

Being able to catch their eye becomes easier with the right event flyer. Each flyer needs to be visually pleasing and also contain enough information about the event it piques the viewer’s interest to attend.

Now that we know we need an amazing flyer where do we start? Making an event flyer does not have to be difficult. You can start from scratch and design your own or use one of the many templates available online. Explore our MastertheEvent.com tips below to create your event flyer.

Event Flyers

Even the best-planned event can fall apart if no one attends. Making an event flyer serves several purposes. First, it can be used either in print form or on social media to share information about the event with people who may not know about it.

Second, an event flyer can draw attention to the cause, business or person hosting the event. This can be a benefit even if someone cannot attend the event as they may connect with the business online.

Last, the event flyer can also be used by guests who plan to attend as a reminder of the upcoming event. Truth be told, we all get busy and often need a reminder of important upcoming events.

The Necessity of Design

After deciding on important details about the upcoming event like the date, place and time, the next step is figuring out the best way to get the message out to the masses. Designing an event flyer that compliments the overall tone of the gathering and also gets the reader’s attention is the key to increasing attention for the event.

Just as the right event flyer design can make an event, the wrong flyer can do the exact opposite. A poorly designed flyer or one with the wrong message can turn a “maybe” into a “no” as far as attending the event goes. Here are our tips to help guide the design process.

Back to Basics

When designing that first flyer, many people make the mistake of doing way too much. A good flyer needs to be readable and give key details about the event, but it need not give every detail. Keep the information basic and the design clean. Most of your readers will have access to the internet so including a link to get more information is helpful to avoid overloading the flyer.

Use the Familiar

There is a reason we see many flyers with apples during back to school season or holiday icons during the festive times of the year. People gravitate towards the familiar, and this includes event flyers. For a birthday party, a cake with candles triggers the viewer to read on about who is celebrating. Red, white and blue colors bring national holidays to mind.

10 Ideas You Will Love

1. How Much Info?

Of course, there is tons of information you want your reader to get, but on a flyer, often less is more. You want to catch your viewers eye and attention and not put them off with thick blocks of type. Like with a web page, you may only have a split second to inspire your viewer to look more closely.

As you design your event flyer, be sure to determine the most critical bits of information you want your reader to walk away with. In your design, make those important points stand out. You don’t need to use complete sentences on a flyer. Just include the basic facts and offset your information in contrasting color blocks, bubbles or other shapes.

If you absolutely must include lots of details, for example, if your event has many components like several performers, use a design that will guide the viewer’s eye around the page like a chalkboard or whiteboard design with different size fonts and wavy lines or angular arrows that guide the eye from one bit of information to the next.

2. Choose Your Colors

Color influences us more than we realize. Think about how you want your customer to feel. Do you want to appeal to their sense of adventure? Use bright colors.

If you are aiming towards an edgy crowd, you’ll want to use deep reds, blues or purples. You might even want to go with a black background. If your event is festive, your color choices should reflect that.

If you want to attract a more cuddly clientele, your color choices may lean towards the pastels. Soft colors make us feel nurtured. Sunny colors feel happy and inspire us to dream. Earth tones create a feeling of security.

Unusual or contrasting color combinations draw the eye. So get creative. Why not accent your green lettering with purple graphics shapes? Play around, but realize that contrasting colors can go too far and make your viewer look away.

3. Choose Your Size and Shape

Most of us think of the standard 8.5 by 11-inch paper when we think of flyers. These may be the easiest to produce, but may not be the most eye-catching. Wouldn’t your eye be drawn to the only star-shaped flyer on the bulletin board?

You can go big – make your flyer poster sized, or even display board sized. If you have a lot of photos to show your reader amazing products or results, this may be the way to go.

Or, you can go small. With a very clean design, a postcard or even a business-card size can be very effective – and less expensive to produce. Why not design your event flyer so that you can do all three?

With the right design, you can create a clean standard size flyer for hanging around town (or to include as a pdf in an email campaign), with the same design on postcards for the local bulletin boards and on business cards to hand out when you are networking.

4. Illustration or Photograph?

Your choice of images can be a crucial factor in attracting the right audience for your event. You will want to use photographs if you are promoting a product you want to showcase on your flyer, or if you are featuring a person or a specific place. Otherwise, you can go with illustrations. Illustrations give you more creative freedom.

Use images that emphasize the experience your clientele will have at your event. For example, you would not want to use an image of a wild animal for a meditation event. Nor would you use the image of a sleeping baby for a party.

5. Classic or Trendy?

Classic looks have more muted or traditional colors and familiar images. These flyers invoke a feeling of comfort and familiarity. They will attract people who want to be comfortable and to feel homey.

More trendy designs use brighter colors, more contemporary images. These designs may feel jarring to some people but put across the idea of excitement and leading-edge experiences.

eye catching designs

6. Catch the Eye

Whatever style you like, you’ll want to use some design features that are eye-catching. These can include starbursts, contrasting color bubbles, unusual fonts, or striking images.

Experiment with changing up the orientation of your images. A person, animal or plant hanging from the top of your flyer adds interest. A familiar word spelled backward or placed upside down will also capture attention.

So will diagonal lines, zig-zags and varied fonts. You can add intrigue by including incomplete or off-center images that will capture the attention of your viewers.

7. Use a Catchy Tag Line

If you want to have your audience continue to think about your event, you can add a catchy tagline. If your business has a tag, use that, or come up with a phrase that zeroes in on your event. You only need a few words. Shorter tags are more memorable than longer ones. You want your phrase to continue echoing in the mind of your audience.

Try using rhyming words or alliteration – where all the words in the tag start with the same letter or sound.

Bring attention to your tag with color, shapes, and placement on the flyer. The eye will take in the top third of your page before anything else. so place your tag and most important information up there.

8. Emphasize ONE Thing

Decide on the most critical thing you want your viewer to recall. Yes, you may want to include details about your event, but imagine that in our busy world, your viewer will recall ONE thing only.

What do you want to stick in their mind? Your business name? Your tagline? The date or location of your event? Who will be entertaining? Or the main benefit of your product or service?

Use color, font, and graphics to make sure you are emphasizing the ONE thing.

making great deals

9. Make an Offer

People are always looking for a great deal. So create a great deal to grab their attention. What can your viewer do or receive only if they have seen your flyer? Can you offer a discount, a coupon, a gift? Think of ways to make your flyer important to your customer.

10. Link Up

If you have an online presence (and who doesn’t these days?), feature it prominently on your flyer. Shout out your Twitter or Instagram handle or your website address. Give your viewer somewhere to go to find out more about you.


The best events are the ones that are well-attended. Your event flyer may make all the difference. Here at MastertheEvent.com, we are rooting for your success.

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