Engagement Proposal and Making it Stand Out!

There’s nothing like a great engagement proposal to get you in the spirit. It’s that time of year and love is definitely in the air. And people Jason Lord has made us all aware that this is how you woo someone you love. Put together a band, take a favorite tune, the best of friends and your girl’s #1 actor and there is no way the answer to that special question can be anything but yes.

Trying to Do It Right with an Engagement Proposal!

A special engagement proposal is one of the latest things in vogue these days. It’s all about creating a memorable moment in a loved one’s life. And it has been said that approximately 25% of woman are dissatisfied with the way they were proposed to. With a large percentage wishing that their partners had been more intimate, creative and yes you guessed it romantic. So take notice you’ve been warned, some of us out there have to step it up a bit.

Have said that, if I‘ve learned anything it’s that you can’t please all the people all the time. Some of those asked noted that their proposal was the opposite of what they wanted, way to elaborate and definitely not private enough. And don’t get me started on the ring and the issues involved with that.

An Engagement Proposal that Will Make You Smile!

So here goes Jason Lord raising the bar and high setting things in motion when proposing to his special girlfriend of three years, Jackie Proctor. And boy did he pull it off. Taking a song that is extra special to them and personalizing it with some help from friends and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, not coincidentally his girlfriend’s preferred actor. And as you’ll see after this amazing proposal everyone’s favorite actor added “I couldn’t be happier for you”. And we totally agree!

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