Elmo Birthday Party Ideas – Tickle Me Elmo!

Is your child passionate about that red, cuddly, adorable monster? If yes is the answer then now is the time to take your party planning to the next level and rejoice in all things Elmo. If you have a son or daughter that just loves everything Elmo, including his wonderful as well as educational TV shows, lovable toys, live shows and your looking to put a smile on their face, then come and play and celebrate Elmo the birthday party way!

Elmo is an absolute fan favorite, fluffy and huggable and totally delightful, silly and endearing all at the same time. All those qualities are sure to make your little one happy just by having a birthday party enhanced with Elmo and the Sesame Street gang. And really, when it comes to toddler aged kids give them some attention, a gift or three; some cake and you’ve made their day. So in some ways, when creating that special birthday party and marking that wonderful day with a familiar and furry character who feels like family, truthfully is as much fun for the parents as it is for the kids. And really there are so many great Elmo birthday party ideas to get you planning!

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas – B is for Birthday!

When planning any party or celebration, once the first decision (the theme) has been made, then the actual party planning work begins. It goes without saying, but I will repeat it again here, there are lots of party elements to be considered and then decided on. First and foremost a budget must be determined and as equally important you must stick to it. Back in the day (pre-planning) this was one of the most essential pieces of advice shared with me. As we all know this great day cannot begin until the honored guests arrive. So how many guests to invite and when and where the party is being held are the first questions to ask and answer. Then we move on to Elmo and Elmo themed birthday party ideas and Elmo  invitations, decorations, food, cake, games, activities and wait for it, every kids’ favorite, the loot bag. Once you confirm the Elmo birthday party details, it’s time to decide on homemade, store bought or a combination and then you are on the road to planning, Elmo birthday planning, that is!

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas – Elmo help is Here!

But wait! When it comes to celebrating with our pal Elmo and Elmo birthday party ideas, we can all use a little assistance. The how and what to do to get this party started. A big thank you to YouTube and Birthday Direct TV for providing this great video to help us get a leg up on all your Elmo birthday party planning.

So if you and your child are crazy for Elmo, pay a visit to Sesame Street and start planning all things red and fuzzy. When looking at Elmo birthday party ideas, don’t forget to include all Elmo’s fuzzy friends. Not only will you be glad you did, the guest of honor and all the gang will be too.

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