For just a second, visualize a party filled with guests, food, drinks and fun. And once it’s all over, you’re able to reuse and recycle everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!

It recently occurred to me that we all talk about how much we care about our environment and planet. We go on and on about recycling programs and being green. But there are so many people out there that really do very little or nothing about it. So in an effort to walk the walk and talk the talk, I have made a pact with myself. Are you curious?! Well, from this moment on, for every party I plan (whether it’s an adult or kids party), I will incorporate as many eco-friendly green items as possible. You heard it here first!

I thought it would be difficult and time consuming to go the right route. But as it turns out, when it comes to party planning, being green may be easier than I thought. Either way, I definitely know it will be worth any extra time and effort.

Eco Friendly Party Planning – Ideas That Work….

There are lots of great eco-friendly ideas that can easily be incorporated into your party planning. Honestly, most people probably won’t even notice. So relax, you can do as little, or as much as you feel comfortable with. The important part is we all pitch in and do something. So here are a few great eco-friendly ideas to get you started.

Invitations – If it is imperative to send physical invitations, use recycled paper or find biodegradable seed paper. The biodegradable paper can be reused and planted and in the end someone will end up with some lovely wildflowers. If you can go the less official route, make phone calls or send emails to invite guests to the party. Or use Evite, a web site that allows you to design and send party invitations online.

Tableware – We all know what happens after we use plastic plates, bowls, cups, utensils and the like. They always end up in a place where, honestly they check in but can never leave…the landfill. In an effort to sidestep all the unnecessary garbage, use the real thing. Don’t go with plastic disposable tableware; go with the real thing. It may require some extra effort and work but in the long run it will be worth it.

Food – When choosing menus, consider as much healthy, local and organic food as possible. Whenever feasible we should avoid using preservative loaded and pre-packaged products. By dodging these types of foods it’s healthier for both your guests and the environment. And, we are all well aware that packaging only ends up in one place.

Decorations – When I hear party planning, one of the first places my brain goes to is decorations. Decorations really help to set the mood and put the party on the map. There are tons of great ideas, sure some might be seem unusual but that’s because you just haven’t tried it yet. All you have to do is use your imagination and creativity and get started. How about homemade lanterns or flags instead of balloons. Why not consider having your kids sit down and create some home-produced decorations. If you are not the homemade sort, there are loads of web-sites and retail outlets where you can find party decorations that are made from recycled materials.

So let’s all walk the walk, truly care about the environment and do our part. There are oodles of great eco-friendly ideas available to help us with all our party planning. Don’t forget, the point of it is to reduce, reuse and recycle. And we’ll all be glad we did!

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