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Whether you’re a kid or an adult the question of the day is “Who doesn’t crave some adventure?” And just between us, admit it, don’t we all long for a bit of travel and discovery in our lives, even if only virtually? You know… some exploring here and some climbing there, while learning and having a whole bunch of fun. And all without even having to leave the house. I for one know I do!

Dora the Explorer is one of the most popular and loved television shows with kids and parents alike. Chock full of pleasing personalities, tunes and the ultimate in adventure, there are some great lessons to be learned from Dora and her gang of merry friends. Fun and learning while at the same time having a laugh or two. A perfect scenario if you ask me. So if your son or daughter can’t get enough of Dora and all her friends, then now is the time to plan the best Dora the Explorer birthday party ever.

Dora Birthday Party Ideas – Now is the time for Fiesta!

By choosing a Dora themed birthday party, you are that much closer to having a super great birthday party. Before the party plotting begins, like any television character, there is lots to learn about Dora and her friends. Dora really is all about adventure and exploration. In addition, she not only acts as a big sister to Boots (her best friend), she is bilingual and a great example of how to properly behave. She holds a great deal of respect for her elders (as a seven year old, that’s basically everyone) and has such admiration and understanding for her culture, traditions and legacy. And word on the street is she has a fondness for music, telling stories and birthday parties.

Sounds like a lot…but no worries. As Dora would say “it’s more fun when everyone plays together”. And what fun you’ll have pulling together all the Dora the Explorer birthday party ideas, the  invitations, food, party games and activities, decorations and really so much more. Don’t stress out! There is tons and tons of help available to get you going with your party planning. And I do mean “tons and tons”. When you Google “Dora birthday party ideas” over one million results appear. So whether you search online or hit your favorite retailers, you can already visualize your little one’s party guests walking into a most wondrous Dora the Explorer world.

Dora Birthday Party Ideas – Help is Here!

So don’t forget there really is a great deal of  wonderful Dora the Explorer  birthday party ideas as well as Dora the Explorer  birthday party supplies around to help plan the best celebration yet. Don’t forget to check out all the Dora the Explorer birthday party invitations, Dora the Explorer birthday party games and the like. 

And again, a big thank you to our friends at YouTube and Party City TV for providing some terrific ideas when party planning that super great Dora the Explorer birthday party for the super great kids in your life.

So now is the time for a fun filled adventure, grab Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map and  all the entertaining gang and get planning the extra special Dora the Explorer  birthday  party for your extra special guest of honor!

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