Does Modernizing Matter When it comes to an Event Planning Career?

When first starting out with an event planning career, didn”t it seem like there was a mountain of information to learn? I for one remember thinking I will never first be able to learn it all and second remember it all. But as timed passed and luck would have it, I was and did. And now sometimes, just sometimes I feel like I could do my job with my eyes closed and one armed tied behind my back. Recently I decided it’s been a while and it was time to reawaken and update my knowledge and expertise while at the same time try to stay ahead of the industry matters and trends. So I signed myself up for an event planning workshop followed up by a weekend course. And was I surprised at all the information available to update my skills and know-how.

Yes or No to an Event Planning Career Update?

Now don’t get me wrong I of course feel like I know what I’m doing and have all the info in my tool box needed to execute great events. But whether already entrenched in a career or just starting out, one of the most frequent questions I am asked when it comes to an event planning career is “Do I really need to update my event planning education or get more training?” Some do figure why not skip the schooling and get some knowledge and experience by just jumping right into a volunteer, part time or non-paying position or by finding some kind of industry freelance work. Some prefer to jump on board and get the ball rolling right away rather than invest in training and the future.

Whenever asked I am hesitant to encourage event planning courses or training one way or another, and unless I have direct knowledge and experience specifically recommend which one(s) to take. And when it comes to an event planning career and learning and training, it really does depend on the person and the situation. And as I am deep-rooted and established in my career the thought of taking a course never really entered my mind. So instead of offering my opinion one more time, I figured I would actually not just talk the talk but walk the walk and register for an event planning refresher workshop. And while there is not a definite answer, at the same time I was determined to find out the answer to the burning event planner career question “what is more beneficial experience or learning?”

Objectives, Ambitions and Expectations, An Event Planning Career, Oh My!

It really makes no difference whether we’re talking about an event planning career or not, we all come from different paths, jobs and circumstances; from high school to college graduate from intern to experienced, from newbie to well established, and if asking all deserve the best advice possible. Having said that I am definitely a proponent of updating one’s experience and resume but really the answer to that question has everything to do with individual objectives, ambitions and expectations.

If you do think by taking some courses and training workshops and then slapping it on the resume is a sure-fire way to get a job or promotion you will definitely find yourself unhappy and frustrated. But if you do, in fact, look at it as an opportunity to build the nuts and bolts of a career on, are looking to gain experience hoping to take part in an internship, are taking the steps to further expand your education in hopes of advancing a career, are using this as a chance to network and get hands on practice or want to revitalize your skills and abilities; then in my opinion, you are more likely to be a success.

Say YES to an Event Planning Career and Education!

So say yes to furthering your event planning career by injecting it with some education, training and updates. It’s an amazing and hands on opportunity to learn from expert industry professionals. And it provides the chance to enhance our knowledge and experience and re-energize as the event planning marketplace and arena move forward.

Comments from students and experienced event planners alike at a recent event planning workshop confirmed that they were not only satisfied with the actual workshop but were glad they attended. The majority felt it was the perfect opportunity to to meet and network with other industry contacts as well as advance their understanding of the industry, skills and practices. Every industry changes, to stay on top of it all and to be successful, we all have to do whatever it takes.

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