Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas – Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

What seems like a gazillion years ago (or 65 million), long before there were even the thought of any people roaming the earth, there were dinosaurs. At some point, almost every kid I know, no matter the age, has had a love affair with dinosaurs. In fact, most adults have also been or continue to be fascinated and captivated by the mysterious dinosaur. Though we may never really fully understand the particulars and evidence relating to this mystifying creature, we all in some way or another are intrigued and spellbound by these amazing animals.

Are you just a wee bit weary of using the same old kid’s birthday party ideas? SpongeBob Party – Done, SuperHero Party – Done, Princess Party – Done! And who isn’t constantly looking for something fresh, fun and unique to please our child’s party palate. A dinosaur birthday is the perfect party theme for both girls and boys alike who love reptiles and dinosaurs. These animals are huge and noisy (I’m talking dinosaurs, not kids) so why not journey back to a time when primitive relics stomped around earth like it was well…home.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas – Beware!

The dinosaur birthday party motif is the ultimate in themes when planning your kid’s most exceptional b-day celebration. By going this route, it’s a given that not only will the guest of honor be thrilled by the festivities but so will all your prehistoric loving guests. There can be a lot to take into consideration when party planning for this theme but have no fear! There is tons of help to assist with realizing all those dinosaur birthday party ideas.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas – Danger, Adventure and Excitement, Oh MY!

As we have blogged here many a time, before you get started on the actual party planning, it is imperative to set a budget, stick to it and then put a party plan in place. By taking these measures prior to getting started you are already steps ahead of the game and it will make your planning that much easier.

When planning a dinosaur birthday party there are many different ways to go. A great deal depends on the age range of the birthday honoree and the invited guests. With younger kids you can go the more fun, less authentic path. And when planning for a bit of an older crowd it will require you to go the more authentic, realistic but equally fun path.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas – Calling All You Paleontologists!

There are numerous great and really helpful websites available like kids-birthday-party-guide.com, better-party-ideas.com, creative-party-themes.com (and many more) to help plan the best dinosaur birthday party for your young one. But just for fun, here are some invitations and decorating ideas to get you started;

There are some really terrific dinosaur birthday party invitations ideas floating around that are painless, fun and quick to create. Invitations can go from modest to full out fancy. It is totally up to you. Design an egg (or cracked egg), bones, foot print or the obvious dinosaur using construction paper and include all the party information on the back. What about taking a plastic egg, decorate the outside and enclose the party details inside. Or a use a plastic T-Rex or the like and add a tag with all the birthday info. I love the idea where you take a picture of the birthday boy or girl decked out in a fabulous dinosaur costume; scribble the party particulars on the back and voila the invite is ready to go. If you’re not the creative type (and we all aren’t) then there are some really fun invitations that can easily be downloaded from some of your go-to online party sites like tinyprints.com, kaboose.com, birthdayinabox.com (and so many others).

When thinking of decorating, think prehistoric earth. Start by decorating the walkway to the house and/or even inside the house leading to the party space, with foot prints. It’s so easy to make with some construction paper or card stock and you can hang up posters and pictures of all your kid’s favorite dinosaurs, veracious or not. Visit your local dollar store and stock up on plastic toy dinosaurs as well as dinosaur stencils and paper products and scatter them around the room. You can easily produce the jungle feel in the room by hanging streamers, balloons and fabric in different shades of brown, beige and green. And consider adding some leaves, ferns and trees to the jungle by using cardboard and construction paper and putting your skills to the test. Don’t forget to utilize all your indoor plants, add some large balloon shaped dinosaurs, scatter lots of bones (bone shaped dog cookies) around the room and have a dinosaur roaring happening in the background. Another great idea one mom did was to carve a dinosaur head using a watermelon and then used it as the centerpiece. Impressive.

Don’t become extinct! If you are looking to provide a dino-mite time of fun, food and dinosaurs, the most obvious source is Google and the internet. Your dinosaur themed celebrations can be held just about anywhere and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. So get going and start planning!

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