If I’ve learned anything it’s that a positive attitude will take you a long way. Just yesterday a client asked me “Why are you always smiling and so happy?” And it got me thinking. I have always believed that you get back what you put out. Once I landed in the industry doing what I wanted planning events. I felt that part of my success would come from maintaining a positive attitude.

Have you noticed that those with a positive attitude seemed to work harder, get better results and have more friends?

Maintaining that Positive Attitude

A recent survey stated that 40% of the stuff we worry about never even happen. Never! All that wasted time and energy spent on things that never materialize. I had my own light bulb moment years ago when my mother received her cancer diagnoses. I spent every single day worried about the “what ifs”. And of course almost none of the “what ifs” ever came to fruition. So I decided then and there that I would stop worrying about anything until someone gave me something to worry about. And for me that changed everything.

That same survey also stated that only 8% of things we worry about are in fact worth worrying about.

The Power of a Positive Attitude

I do get that it can be hard to uphold a positive attitude all the time; not only at home but at the office as well. So many of us spend at least 40 hours weekly at work and negativity can definitely impact the work place in a most un-constructive way. And as we know negativity can seep in to all areas of work and life without us even realizing it. Of course the benefits so outweigh the negatives when choosing to embody a positive attitude. And it leads us to better health, economic achievement, employment success and yes happiness.

I promise you, we are all capable of making small steps towards a positive attitude makeover. To help us to have better relationships, more successful careers and to maximize our life experiences. Just to name a few.

Time for that Positive Attitude Makeover!

So do you want to work on your positivity? Change is hard for everyone. But this time it will be easier than you think. For an action to become a habit, it must accomplished at least ten times. Why not commit each week to implementing and repeating a few points from the list to help develop a more positive attitude.

• Smile and laugh frequently
• Utilize positive language
• Function at work with interest and enthusiasm
• Anticipate the best
• Live your healthiest life
• Focus on the positive
• See the big picture
• Be appreciative
• Ignore the negativity
• Make achievable goals
• Volunteer your time
• Be responsible for yourself
• Surround yourself with positive people
• Take time to recharge
• Celebrate success
• Love yourself
• Be thankful

Who doesn’t want the happiest of lives? The facts show that having a positive attitude is way easier to wear then a negative one. Positivity can be a hard task to execute and maintain. But by implementing it bit by bit into your daily life you will definitely notice the difference. And I guarantee you will be glad you did. As you’ll find yourself in better shape to embrace the happy and healthy life that awaits.

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