Conference planners are always being pulled in many directions. Usually as the conference or event unfolds, conference planners need to be in many places at the same time. That’s why delegating is an important part of a conference planner’s job. In order for most events to be successful, conference planners need to delegate certain components of their conferences or events. That’s why they often hire local experts to help execute transportation, suppliers and staffing for example.

Conference Planners Need to Make Sure That Person They’re Delegating to Is Trained

Training is crucial for delegating. This is probably the most common mistake that a lot of conference planners make. All too often conference planners will delegate a task without ensuring that the person responsible for the task understands what’s required of them. And it’s usually in the aftermath when all hell breaks loose that the conference planner realizes the mess they are in.

In the video below we take a humorous look at what can happen when delegation is handled incorrectly. You know that whenever Basil Fawlty is responsible for delegating a task…, well, it’s pretty safe to say the task will not unfold as planned. Here we see that Basil has left Manuel in charge of answering the phones and overseeing some contractors. Well, let’s just say – what did you think would happen?

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